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Want to learn AngularJS with experts?

Please attend this conference. It will definitely prove beneficial for you.

It will be held on 5th to 7th April 2017 in Grand American Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah, Western United State.

You will be listening excellent speakers from Google and around the world. Alyssa Nicoll- Web developer at WeaveUp, Anna Karpacheva – Business Quality Analyst at, Asim Hussain – Director at code craft, Austin McDaniel – Chief architect at swim lane and many more world’s top professionals are coming to instruct you on AngularJS. Grab the opportunity. Don’t miss it.

You will get opportunity to enhance your network. Number of amazing sponsors are organizing this conference so you will be get in touch with all those fame.

Entire conference is well scheduled. Activities are organized accordingly. You can also participate in any one of the event which you are interested in.

As you know AngularJS is best front end development tool you will get new ideas how it applies directly to DOM without using innerHTML code. You will know how it works. You will be also knowing it’s using techniques which proves beneficial to make your frontend better and easy. AngularJS is Google based product so you can have idea of Google developers knowledge and skills. You can identified the standardized code level and dedication of Google developers. You will be able to learn AngularJS 2 which is not a frame work but a developing platform.

This grand American Hotel also provides you room facility if you want to stay there. You can book your room in advance and confirm it.

You can check NG-Conf 2016 records. What benefits people get by attending it. How AngularJS being teach and how you will be able to work 5 times faster using AngularJS 2. Previous NG- Conf was participated by 1500 angular developers. AngularJS 2 release candidate has launched just one day before the conference of 2016.


They are also organizing workshops on 3 , 4 and 8th April. You can also participate in these workshops. These workshops are well organized and activities are scheduled accordingly. Speakers of these workshops are John Papa, Dan Wahlin, Lukas Ruebbelke, Joe Eames, Todd motto and many more experts will be holding these workshops.

So, Hurry up..!! register yourself soon. Few seats are left. So, Confirm your seat and get the advantage of learning AngularJS.