About The Bridge Shop
The Bridge shop
The Bridge Shop is an Australian retailing institution. Founded in 1974, it remains the only shop in Australia specializing in Contract Bridge and one of only about ten world-wide. With millions of bridge players around the world, The Bridge Shop has something for everyone: books, computer software, playing cards, bridge-themed giftware and all sorts of general bridge paraphernalia.
Why the Bridge Shop Needed SEO
The bridge shop relies on their website to drive sales thus creating the need to improve its site’s ranking. Before starting SEO 60-70% traffic comes from only reference website and 5-10% only from Google.
How Amar InfoTech was Low Cost, Low Risk
“Other agencies were asking for a high initial spend which we were not comfortable with, Amar InfoTech, on the other hand, offered a low cost, low risk entry that was more appealing. Furthermore, AI took the time to help us understand the process and focused on the benefits we could expect to achieve.”
Leave it to the Experts
When The Bridge Shop was approached by SEO specialist of AI, Nick says they put forth a very logical and cost-effective proposition. “Amar InfoTech presented a strong results-oriented case which made good business sense.” Nick continues, “Another thing that impressed me, we didn’t need to change the look and feel of our website which was important considering we had only recently invested in redesigning it.”
Immediate Deliverables
Nick describes, “AI delivered immediate results. Our Google ranking rocketed to the top three and has stayed there. In addition, we’ve enjoyed increased online sales (38.75% over a comparable period) and we’ve realised significant time saving in not trying to do SEO ourselves.”
Thus far the main benefits include:
  • Increase of 38.75% in online sales when compared with sales figures pre and post AI.
  • Consistently ranked in the top three when searched against key terms.
  • Significant time savings, freeing up resources to get on with other things in the business.
  • Qualified search engine referral’s increasing from 161 to 253(a 57% increase) for a comparable period pre and post SEO.
Nick concludes, “SEO is an ongoing investment and AI continues to make improvements to our website. We’re continuing to realize the benefits of SEO and are enjoying the growth to our business. My only regret is not doing it sooner.”
Join hands with AI & step-in to success!!
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