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iMala is Android based MALA application. People who wants to “MALA JAP” Or “MANTRA JAP” like “Ohm Namh Shivay”, ”Ohhhm” ,etc (a type of meditation with threaded bead) can use this application.

People can use this application for keeping track of the MALA count and BEAD count as well. Application sounds a small beep on completion of a whole MALA (108 Beads).

Application can have a sound of chants with each bead is passed.

iMala keeps track of the total MALA count and Bead count and store the last count, so when user comes next time to application, he will be given selection to resume the count to continue current count or reset the count to start it from the first.

Category: LifeStyle
Support Version: 1.6 +