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Oxite is an open source, standards obedient, and greatly extensible content management platform that can easy to Manage and run anything from blogs to big web sites.

Oxite as additional as just a blogging engine, claiming it can maintain even large Web sites. We also positioning the platform as customizable, allowing users to switch over out Microsoft technologies, like database and search providers — specifically, SQL Server, for non-Microsoft ones. Oxite was designed to make numerous of the more difficult to manage functions of blogs, such as RSS, trackback, and comments all simple basic blog features.

Oxite was not developed as a contestant to suites like blogger or wordpress. Instead, Oxite is geared towards professional skilled developers. Although, given that it is an open source, community-driven project, we may one day see a liberate of Oxite made for public utilization.

Oxite is destined to be a good model to learn about ASP.NET MVC. It is a useful sample to get a site of your own going too, explains the need for the blog engine, addition that the general public is bounce to find nothing for them in this release. “Oxite is targeted at developers who want to study ASP.NET MVC.

Some Basic Features:
  • Oxite should NOT be worn as any sort of Best Practice or official direction by Microsoft.
  • Oxite should be pulled right away until the larger issues can be addressed acceptably.
  • The Oxite individuals have been VERY open and clear that this is NOT anything official or supposed to be optional guidance.
  • If you are not familiar with ASP.NET MVC or MVC in general, you should pass up Oxite for the time life form as there are several anti-patterns that may set you off on the wrong footing in the future.

Oxite was developed cautiously and carefully to be a great blogging platform or a starting point for your own web site project with CMS Requirement.

Oxite is not going to relocate the likes of WordPress any time soon. The project is distant too developer focused to contend in that market, at least for the time being. It does, still, go beyond the usual sample code. It provides a useful wrap up of complex functionality and should prove particularly valuable for anyone who needs to add CMS or blog-style features to an existing application.


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