Airport Indoor Navigation System Development

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We all are familiar with GPS(Global Positioning Systems) which remains a most essential tool for outdoor navigation, which requires the receiver to have a clear line of sight to satellites. This system has many drawbacks for Indoor navigation due to weak signal inside the building. Thus, all mobile location-based applications, like navigation system, are weakening to work inside airports, malls, subways, etc. As well, GPS cannot provide info about the floor and building level where the user is located.


Indoor Navigation Systems use sensors and communication technologies like a beacon, ibeacon, etc. This system uses to locate objects in indoor environments. A Beacon is a small device that transmits a short range signal that can be detected by mobile apps in a small range to Beacons. Amar Infotech recently announced the implementation of new Indoor Location System which uses beacon technology by developing beacon based Apps for Airports.

Internet of Things (IoT) Airport Indoor Navigation System Development

Beacon Airport Navigation: Indoor Navigation

Airports use Amar Infotech’s Indoor Positioning technology to guide their customers navigate terminals and access important information. Amar Infotech has implemented a unique solution for Airports that make life lot easier for Airports Travelers, customers, consumers etc. By enabling Innovative mobile applications for Airport System and their passengers.

Airports Benefits:

We have a unique solution for Airport Authorities like Airlines and Airports can auto-detect their user’s presence inside the airports, Airport will allow premium passengers to receive personalized notifications and offers, and real-time information of Promotional retails offers, flight status, baggage claim and real-time navigations to the boarding gate.

Passengers Benefits:

Passengers can benefit from installing mobile apps which offers advanced navigation assistance and allowing them easily look up any section of the airport. Easily getting Flight Information which includes Flights delays and departure gate information is now one touch away using Amar Infotech’s Mobile Apps for Airports.

The Solution from Amar Infotech Advance Parking Assistance, passengers can find their ideal parking space inside the Airport Parking Area. Passengers can easily scan Smart Coupons and get an advantage of it by getting offers at Airport Stores.

Building Your Apps: It’s easy with Amar Infotech

Create your Own Indoor Navigation Apps with us. We will develop the right infrastructure based on your needs. We’ll suggest all combinations of Indoor Positioning Systems that we support like Mobile Apps Centric Bluetooth/BLE/Beacon/iBeacon device, Wifi or network-centric Wifi. By Optimizing your Indoor Floor Plans, we will convert it into Mobile Friendly maps. Our pre-generated Indoor navigation SDK’s have all necessary modules, as per your requirement we can also update and can generate fully customize mobile apps.

Indoor Navigation System Development

Manage Your Apps With our Customise CMS Solution

Use our Content Management System solution to manage passengers information and send them promotional retails offers, flight status, baggage claim and real-time navigations to the boarding gate.

Implementation of Smart Airport IoT Technologies by managing Customers Insights

Linking each device around an airport with the app, combining application usage data and passengers real-time movement data Amar Infotech’s IoT analytics reaching new ground. You may know how many people walk through the door, but do you know what they do once they’re inside and who they are? Find out where your passengers actually go and how long they stay. Use the IoT Analytics solution from Amar Infotech’s Insights to present your customers better and to expand your business.

Technical Implementation

Regardless of the above-mentioned drawbacks, however, indoor navigation at Airport is exciting both for business owners and for customers. Our existing technical solution can directly be used in many cases. Depending on the client requirement, the operator chooses a client-based or a server-based solution. Further benefits of features are also likely to include for m-shopping, Paperless Boarding passes Check In, Pre-booking duty frees and a lot. How Can Beacons Improve The Overall Travel Experience at the Airport? Click here to know the use of Bluetooth Beacon Technology in Smart Airport.

Why Choose Us?

Amar Infotech provides you all type of IoT Airtport Solutions by developing you smart IoT applications and devices. Our solutions are like,

  • Smart Airport Billing and Ground Handling Billing
  • Smart Air Navigation billing system
  • Smart Flight permit administration system
  • Smart Airport luggage handling
  • Smart Airport Security checks
  • Smart Airport Boarding assistance
  • Smart Airport Identity management
  • Smart Airport Fleet management
  • Smart Airport temperature control system for assets
  • Smart Airport workforce management
  • Smart Airport Asset Protection
  • Smart Airport Labor Utilization
  • Smart Airport Inventory management
  • Smart Airport Traffic management
  • Smart Beacon based services
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