Bluetooth Low Energy App Development

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We all are familiar about Bluetooth, contrary to that traditionally Bluetooth is developed for sending a high-quality data in a power efficient way. Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) came into the existence and its crucial focus is on low power Consumption, it was basically made for Internet of Things(IoT) and plays essential role in wireless communication Technology Innovation begins with Bluetooth 5.0.

What exactly is BLE Technology?

Bluetooth Low Energy App Development

Bluetooth 4.0 established Bluetooth with low power energy functionality and it’s sometimes assigned to Bluetooth Smart. Which allow developers capability to generate sensors that can bind to coin-cell batteries for months and even years.

Bluetooth low energy(BLE) is a wireless personal area network technology made for transmitting data over short distances. All Bluetooth empowered application can now actually interact with BLE devices that desires similarly low power like as Healthcare and medical devices, QTrace, Heart rate Measurement Sensors, Temperature and Humidity Measurement Sensors, BLE based event management applications and the list go on & on.

Benefits for BLE Mobile Apps Developers

Smart Home Automation, smart automobiles, smart healthcare, fitness apps, smart industries development are major areas where Bluetooth Low Energy gaining traction. For Developers BLE Mobile Apps development will provide lots of benefits like,

  • Bluetooth technology is already supported by every major operating system.
  • BLE has advantage of extra Low power consumption
  • It depends on a standardized application development architecture.
  • High-standard security and data encryption.

Symbolic Features of BLE

  • The Crucial Characteristic for which BLE is created i.e low power consumption, with this single module it implements the ability to run for months.
  • No concerns of interoperability among various Bluetooth devices.
  • It’s basically relatively inexpensive.
  • BLE is very reliable and robust product.
  • Profiles of BLE is standardized to cover valuable use cases(HR,Glucose,HID,Proximity,etc.)
  • Most popular applications of Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) are smart sensors, smart home, smart health, smart cars, smart retail and many more.

We have the Proven Skill Set

Amar Infotech has been creating mobile apps that enhance Bluetooth low energy development since last 2 years. Developing innovative solutions to very important and unique industries like Healthcare, financial industries and many more. We have created Enterprise friendly unique Bluetooth Low Energy apps that provide multi-vendor integration managed services and solutions that are app store ready.

Our BLE Development Services

  • BLE based Event Management Applications
  • BLE based Museum Applications
  • BLE sensors apps based on Temperature and humidity
  • City Tour Guide Applications based on BLE
  • BLE formed Retail Apps
  • Vehicle Communication Apps
  • Logistics Management Apps
  • Location Based parking Apps
  • BLE formed Healthcare apps

Variety of industries we can work with BLE Technology

We Deliver BLE Technology App To Variety of industries

Why Choose Us

  • More Than 2+ Years of experiences in Bluetooth based Technology
  • 20+ BLE based apps developed
  • No Compromise on quality of Applications
  • Deep understanding of crucial issues
  • Seamless interactions with our clients
  • We adopt a progressive approach to technology
Why We Are Best In BLE Based App Development?
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