DNN Development

Strategic Design That Gets Results

Amar InfoTech (AI) offers expert DotNetNuke (DNN) Consulting services and professional DotNetNuke Development services that include DNN Modules Development, Dot Net Nuke skins development, Portals development, Content Management System (CMS) Development, etc. We have a dedicated team of DNN Developers specializing in DotNetNuke outsourcing. Using our DotNetNuke CMS, you can simply modify content, user roles and look and feel of your website.

Amar InfoTech (AI) has domain expertise and has developed several DotNetNuke custom modules, DNN modules, DNN Skins, DNN CMS as per clients’ requests. We have also developed DotNetNuke Portals development, DNN Website Design & Development, DNN CMS for DotNetNuke platform. We can switch your pre-designed web templates into DotNetNuke skin.

Our DotNetNuke CMS Features:

  • Secured login facility
  • Administrator can create users and set roles and rights for them
  • Administrator can create, edit, delete and publish any information on the site
  • Authorized persons/roles can create, edit, and publish web pages and add title, description of the page
  • Authorized users can format content, insert links and images, change font colors and alignments
  • Facility for website search using the Google engine
  • Automatic website submission to various search engines
  • Low maintenance
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Video Gallery
  • Multi Media Gallery
  • Picture Gallery
  • News Letter
  • Frame Gallery

DotNetNuke comes with a number of standard modules, these have been chosen to provide most of the functions required. These functions include:

  • Account Login – for allowing users to log in to your application
  • Announcements – for publishing announcements, news, etc
  • Banners – for displaying banner advertising
  • Contacts – for displaying names, e-mail, phone numbers, etc
  • Discussions – for creating a simple threaded discussion
  • Documents – for uploading and managing documents
  • Events – for announcing events
  • FAQ’s – for Frequently Asked Questions
  • Feedback – for providing feedback
  • iFrame – for introducing other pages and content using iFrames
  • Image – for displaying an image
  • Links – for displaying a list of links
  • Newsfeeds(RSS) – for displaying news from an RSS feed
  • Text/HTML – for displaying your own custom text or HTML
  • User Account – for displaying and editing user account details
  • XML/XSL – for displaying XML data
  • User Defined Table – for creating a custom HTML table of information

Our DotNetNuke CMS Website Design services include:

  • DotNetNuke skin and container design (DNN skin and container)
  • DotNetNuke CMS (Content Management System)
  • Static website converts into DotNetNuke
  • DotNetNuke modules (DNN modules)
  • DotNetNuke Installation
  • DotNetNuke website design
  • DotNetNuke maintenance
  • DotNetNuke redesign
  • DotNetNuke customization modules
  • DotNetNuke skin & container design for your existing website
  • DotNetNuke development
  • Offshore DotNetNuke development
  • DotNetNuke customization website
  • DotNetNuke Designer
  • DotNetNuke Developer