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Amar InfoTech become a leader for cloud-based airport billing and ground handling billing systems. In addition, It has deployed its systems to airports/ground handlers in Asia and Africa. More than 9 years of experience in Travel, as well as airport charges and ground handling contracts, make airport billing one of our core competencies.

Amar InfoTech provides fully integrated cloud based solution for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), Airports and Airlines delivering a cost effective and comprehensive data gathering, invoicing and collection service which eliminated inaccuracies, errors and delays for better revenue management.

Benefits of Using Our Billing Software

  • Save administration overhead by streamlining your invoicing processes, reduce manual calculations and media gaps throughout your system landscape.
  • Invoice quicker, more frequently and more accurately, realize your revenues earlier and reduce clearing efforts.
  • Send your invoices not just as paper but also electronically; your airline customers will appreciate this service.
  • Save IT costs by replacing costly customer-tailored systems with standard software.
  • Make your billing data available for business intelligence for more insights in your airport’s potentials.

En Route Charges

The en route Charger for a specific flight In a specific en route charging zone is equal to r = d * pr * ur Where d is the dIstance Factor, pr is the enroute weight factor of the aircraft And ur Is the en route unit rate of the en route charging zone. The product of the distance and weight factors is referred to as enroute service unit sr, i.e., sr= d * pr. These parameters are calculated as follows:

  • d is the distance factor and is obtained by dividing by one hundred the number of kilometres flown in the great circle distance between entry and exit point of the en route charging zone, according to the latest known flight plan filed by the aircraft. The distance to be taken into account is to be reduced by twenty kilometres for each take-off and each landing on the territory of a Member State.
  • pr=MTOW/50, i.e., the en route weight factor is equal to the square root of the quotient obtained by dividing by fifty the number of metric tons in the maximum certificated takeoff weight (M TO W) of the aircraft.
  • Ur is the en route charging zone unit rate and is calculated by dividing the forecast number of chargeable en route service units for the relevant year into the forecast costs for air navigation services. The balance resulting from under or over recovery of previous years is included in forecast costs.

Quality Features

  • High reliability and performance by using industry standards.
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interfaces.
  • High level of data security and validation outstanding integration abilities.
  • Easy adaptation to customer specific requirements by multiple levels of customizing.
  • All necessary implementation and maintenance services offered by Amar InfoTech.

Why To Choose Amar InfoTech for Airport En Route Charges Billing System ?

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