Ibeacon Application Development

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At Amar InfoTech, we combine the latest technologies with the most elegant user experiences to deliver the best solutions for iBeacon application development. Our team of expert iBeacon developers is highly qualified with deep knowledge and understanding in Low Energy Bluetooth – essential to unlocking the power of iBeacon.

What is an iBeacon?

A wireless device broadcast signals to nearby tablets and smartphones. Mobile applications can receive this signal and activate a location-based action. It makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy to transmit the signal.


Beacon technology is a low cost, low powered and low energy Bluetooth device that uses low-frequency for transmitting weak signals to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. When the customer passes through the retailer’s shop, they will send a notification on a Bluetooth enabled device with discount offering coupons. The weak signals are thrown away by beacon can be boosted up by signal boosters. Beacon is a physical hardware device.

Amar InfoTech is working as iBeacon App Development Company, the experts are curious to develop iBeacon Apps for the business users. We are developing many of the iBeacon App Developed by our expertise and consumers have benefited and grown their revenue using iBeacon App and device. Our developers still working on many projects of iBeacon App in various categories like restaurant booking, taxi booking, provision store, fashion store & many more.

How does Beacon Technology works?

There are devices in different category and names are Estimote Beacon, Red Beacon etc. Beacon has connected with the client as well as a server to receive and send data. It receives the information from the server and passes the message or notification to mobile app receiver. It helps you to find the product location using the technology, but one condition that you must have Bluetooth enabled device as well app on your smartphone.

iBeacon App Benefits

Good for advertisement

You can send free coupons to your customer and retention them to purchase a product from your store. A customer would get in touch with you ever when they receive attention from you about an exclusive discount offer.


Together for establishing a system using Beacon Technology will charge less in linked to an app and including CMS too. What’s more, you are only left with the process of creating tags, actions, etc.


Beacon Technology is using Bluetooth low-powered energy to connect with the mobile app as well with other devices. The devices available in the various range starting from 2 meters up to 70 meters. The choice of Beacon device is depended on your requirement.

Amar InfoTech iBeacon development/ BLE App Development provides numerous utilities to the clients. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Smart interactions with your customers
  • Push notifications designed according to your client’s needs
  • Beacon enabled payment systems
  • Also, History and information of your clients

Amar InfoTech offers iBeacon App Development

  • Your idea and our implementation to make prototype
  • iOS/ Android App Beacon Design
  • iOS/ Android App Development using Beacon
  • iOS/ Android App Development using Beacon
  • Beacon Backend Development and solutions
  • Beacon app maintenance services