IoT Logistics & Assets Solutions

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IOT for logistics and assets solutions is a new topic of demand. With its ever-expanding need for smarter supply chain management services, the logistics, and transportation industry companies have been a key strength of the Internet of Things Logistics Solutions. As obtaining the good product to the right client at the accurate time, right place and right condition in the right volume and at the right amount, is growingly a challenge, the logistics industry is spending money in logistics solutions, strongly represented by the Industrial IoT.

With the arrival of IoT, Internet connections now expand to physical devices that are not computers in the classic sense. An IoT connected vehicle can intelligently estimate its own maintenance requirements. A connected street light can sense the presence of vehicles and send a signal to drivers. By 2020, it is estimated that there will be 5 billion connected Logistics.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions for Logistics and Assets

If you ship expensive, highly valuable and risky goods, what you don’t know can cost you at any point. IoT Logistics Solutions provides you shipment monitoring solution that connects you with the right information, at the right time to make a real difference for your clients. What this solution does,

  • Respond quickly to any situations
  • verify conditions pointing to shipment delays and loss.
  • Save shipping price through early detection of damaged goods

Benefits to Logistics company Owner

  • Secure a Competitive Benefits: company owner can give on time updates on package conditions and provide them the relevant information about a package.
  • Shipping cost can be reduced: it will notify damaged items early to reduce shipping charges.
  • Improved fleet management
  • Damage claims can be avoided: early data analytics for item conditions.
  • Cost-effective and comprehensive
  • Immediate Intelligence for smart logistics
  • Flexible time to time configuration

IoT Smart Logistics and Smart Assets Tracking is going to influence the next generation

For a logistic industry, Drivers and convoy both have maximum importance and so for grip on both matters related to the company. Software solutions are not the reliable thing to handle all matters. So for handling driver and convoy IoT smart logistics can be useful. This all can respond by Logistics company in a cost-effective manner and can handle real-time world data wirelessly.

Benefits of Smart Asset Tracking System

  • Real-time Detection of Assets: you can directly track and locate real-time asset by accurate data and location.
  • Simple Interface Structure: Any newcomer in Administrator can easily handle the data of the company.
  • Geo-Fencing System: One of the important features of the solution is the ability to create unique geo-fences system. Companies can monitor the each and every asset that enters and leaves the geo-fence.
  • Analysis of Historical Data: The Key solution provides historical data on maintenance and history of goods in the cloud for future investigation and analysis. So by allowing smart solutions management cab take smart decisions.
  • Report creation of Assets: By examining historical data for each item helps to locate items when needed, it avoids unnecessary replacement of products
  • Improve productivity and profit: The company can grow more by allowing these smart solutions for Asset Tracking.

Importance of Smart Logistics System

For Logistics which are delicate to climate conditions, maintaining climate conditions for goods is the essential priority. All things matters for logistics like temperature, light, power, humidity or fluid pressure. Amar Infotech provides you customized solutions based on smart IoT solutions. Gigantic workforce productivity can increase any company’s growth and smart logistics maintenance is no special case for us. Amar Infotech developers smart Logistic tracking solutions give you to monitor the real-time location and specify the time spent by each company’s staff at various places. Our Solution for IoT Logistics analyzes heavy traffic at ease with fleet management. Any places whether seaport or roadway, our solution will observing the traffic and mapping the route. Smart location mapping features for logistics will provide you precise coordinates of your shipment along with its status.

Why Choose Us?

Amar Infotech provides you all type of IoT Logistics and Assets solutions by developing you smart IoT applications and devices. Our solutions are like,

  • Smart Fleet management
  • Smart temperature control system for assets
  • Smart workforce management
  • Smart cost control
  • Smart Asset Protection
  • Smart Labor Utilization
  • Smart Inventory management
  • Reduced manual Labors
  • Smart Traffic management
  • Smart Beacon based services
  • Instant 24*7 Support contact us.