IoT Based Smart Museum

Strategic Design That Gets Results

Amar Infotech is the best IoT based smart Museum solutions provider company and specialized in Location-based technologies and use devices like Beacons, iBeacons, Eddystone, QTrace and many more. So how smart museums services can be useful for museums visitors and museums operators? Well, Amar Infotech can be the ultimate solution for them.

Amar Infotech creating location-aware Smart Museums

  • Map of the Museum and ability to pin the location of artworks
  • Recommendations on what to see from museum
  • Full listing of our exhibitions and how to visit the museum
  • Ability to save your favorite art, events, and exhibition
  • Optimized for use with ios accessibility Features including voiceover, zoom and larger text
  • Visitors can receive Proximity triggered messages providing relevant information such as alerts for upcoming exhibitions or just inform visitors about the museum facilitie
  • At Museums, Bluetooth device can be used to deliver updates to visitor as they move around places
  • Contextual information to inform visitors about other facilities such as Cafeteria, porchways, toilets, museum shop
  • Dwell times like how much time visitors spend at different locations of the museum or which locations are most popular

Museums using location-based Technology is making a more interactive experience, museums are changing the way they educate, guide and tell stories to visitors. Location-powered mobile apps provide visitors a personal tour guide, just in the palm of their hands.


  • More Than 2+ Years of experiences in Bluetooth based Technology
  • 20+ BLE based apps developed
  • No Compromise on quality of Applications
  • Deep understanding of crucial issues
  • Seamless interactions with our clients
  • We adopt a progressive approach to technology

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