Strategic Design That Gets Results

Mojoportal provides function based security, steering, skinnable design, and other tools for rapid and cost-saving development of rich Portal solutions.

Amar InfoTech provides consulting, customization in standard modules and development of further functionality as well as addition with other applications to build fast, safe, feature rich and scalable Portals, Web sites, and Web applications.

We can build your Business enterprise and CRM applications on Mojoportal, with solid Content Management System based on .Net. Mojoportal. It is constantly being updated with new features, contains excellent documentation and has a first class the public.

We provide the following Services:

  • Video Streaming / Player for your MojoPortak Site
  • Offshore Mojoportal development and customization
  • Create new Mojoportal features
  • Convert Jquery plugins to Mojoportal features
  • Customize Mojoportal contact form or customize any existing Mojoportal feature
  • Integrate Mojoportal with your existing application

Why Mojoportal?

  • Mojo is a stable CMS system with years of efforts put in to it by its web developers.
  • Mojo developers are releasing stable updates to make sure system is fresh and friendly with latest technology.
  • Mojo offers a great expandability with a correct code base and well familiar developer information notes

We can completely modify the position of any control / label /logo in Mojoportal even if it’s not supported by defaulting in Mojoportal. We offer off shore skinning services and our dedicated Quality designer teams work with you and satisfy your requirement.

We have Experience team of designers and specializing in Mojoportal customization. Hire our skilled Mojoportal designers or developers and we’ll provide you support for your in-house development teams.