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New data renew of Panda begins moving out today. ~1% of listings change enough to get noticeable.

This time, Look for engines said this Panda renew affected about 1% of the listings, which is actually fairly considerable. Not as considerable as 11.8% when Look for engines first released Panda in Feb 2011 or as considerable as Look for engines releasing Panda in Korea and Asia with 5% but still, for a renew, it seems considerable.

We’ve been listening to from many of you that you want more assistance on what you can do to enhance your positions on Search engines, particularly if you think you’ve been affected by the Panda upgrade. We motivate you to keep concerns like the ones above in thoughts as you concentrate on creating high-quality material rather than trying to boost for any particular Search engines formula.

One other specific piece of assistance we’ve provided is that low-quality material on some areas of a website can affect the whole website’s positions, and thus eliminating low excellent WebPages, consolidating or helping the material of individual superficial WebPages into more useful WebPages, or going low excellent WebPages to a different sector could gradually help the positions of your higher-quality material.

We’re still delivering on additional algorithmic versions to help website owners managing high-quality websites get more traffic from look for. As you keep enhance your websites, rather than concentrating on one particular algorithmic modify, we motivate you to ask yourself the same kinds of questions we ask when looking at the big image. This way your website will be more likely to position well for the long-term. Meanwhile, if you have reviews, please tell us through our Website owner Community. We keep observe strings on the forum and complete website information on to the look for excellent group as we perform on future versions of our position methods.