Responsive Web Design

Strategic Design That Gets Results

In today’s time as the no. of smartphone users increases the need for exploring business via mobile arises and for this, the best option available in the market is Responsive Web Designs. Almost every client in today’s time wants a mobile version of his/her website in order to get access through mobile. In the field of web design and development, there are new inventions each day and we have to constantly upgrade our self-meeting the needs in order to stay in competition.

Responsive Web design provides user to experience same browsing experience in all screen size. That means if any user is browsing a website in his/her laptop and if he/she open the same website in his smartphone the images and content of the existing website will adjust automatically to the small screen and will give the same viewing experience.

Advantage of Responsive Design:

  • This technique allows website to adjust automatically according to the screen size so no pixel format of image distortion will arise.
  • Columns and images will automatically adjust.
  • Responsive design has not directly related with version of the website, hence at time of upgradation there will be no effect to the design.
  • Indexing is much better in responsive design hence it is SEO friendly too.

If there is advantage then there will also be disadvantage for the same.

Disadvantage of Responsive Design:

  • Loading time of the site in smaller screen will slightly increase.
  • It will not allow you to change the title or description of the website from mobile view.

Over all if we avoid the con’s the Responsive design is the best solution in today’s time which give feature rich experience in viewing web contents.

Some of our Responsive web design example:

We at Amar InfoTech provide the handy solutions in this field and develop all the websites with responsive mode.