Time & Material Model

Strategic Design That Gets Results


As the name suggests the customer will be charged based on resource consumption during the project time span.

In this model you and Amar InfoTech (AI) agree to a fixed price and timelines for a project at the beginning of a project. This is a popular appointment model which clients feel comfortable dealing with as it gives them a financial plan and timeline that is fixed. AI has perfected this model and is proficient at delivering at high quality software in time and within financial plan.

Time & Material Process Model


Time and Material Web Development pricing model works the best for projects which are of medium to large scale and longer in duration and where the project specifications gets evolved as the time progresses. This model is also useful for the maintenance and support projects.

Within this model, we gives customer greater flexibility in terms of developing the project specification on an ongoing basis and modifying the specifications based on the changing market needs.


This model has a begin point from various stages viz. pre-specification, post specification, post architectural design etc. A wide-ranging situation will involve problem definition, solution definition, research, business analysis, specifications, visual mapping, architectural design, documentation, coding, change management, testing, roll out and support.

The effort assessment for all the elements for all stages at the beginning of the project is usually involved and complex. You and AI prioritize and scope each element. The implementation of each element is embarked upon with a condition for change management and assumption updates. The effort is charged on a pre-agreed rate (hourly, weekly, monthly) basis whichever is most convenient to the customers need. Also, you hold the flexibility to change the model as and when you want in mutual consent.

Benefits with T&M Model

  • Flexibility in revising your application in the course of its execution.
  • Optimizing the costs and timelines.
  • Our experts define realistic pattern for your advantage.
  • Unique model tailored to your requirements.
  • Increase or reduce resources and pay for the specific work done.
  • Effective communication ensures smooth workflow.
  • Regular work reports facilitate.

Time & Material Model is a striking option if you have multipart and high level projects where the project specifications progress as the implementation progresses.