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Mega Metal

  • PHP
  • Joomla

Mega Metal is a CMS site with basic features and functionalities. The core need of the site is to provide the information of various metals available in the market with the deep understanding and usage of each one in different categories.

Products of various metals are used in buildings, industries, automobiles etc. A informative CMS site with a contact form in order to drop an inquiry to contact directly the owner.

  • The features of the application
    – CMS based site
    – Multi language support

  • Technology Used
    – Joomla
    – PHP
    – MYSQL
    – HTML
    – CSS
    – Joomfish

  • Target Audience

Netherland based client with a company of developing hard metals for heavy industries among the region.

  • Services offered from Amar InfoTech

Full time Joomla Developer was awarded for this Job with almost 3+ years of experience with full time expertise on the functionality and core functions of the project.

Netherland’s Joomla Heavy Industry-Mega Metal