Smart Car Parking Solutions

Strategic Design That Gets Results

Ever noticed how you never appear to find a parking space ? Especially when You are in Hurry? As examined by a research, Every motorist wastes about 100 hours a year looking for a parking space, which results for one-third of city traffic. While looking for parking directly hits the driver’s health especially rise stress levels and pocket of the driver. Usually, most drivers spend approximately 10 minutes in a search for parking space in a day that affects directly the air quality of the city.

To Change the process of parking more efficient for consumers and for business Our Company has risen up with Smart Location-based Solutions.

How can Location based Parking Solutions Change the Parking Experience ?

It is normally good to develop a smart parking management plan which adds a complimentary set of planning that meets the requirement of precise situation. Location-based parking solutions are developed to give drivers an extreme solution on their travel from start to end without searching for parking. By creating more smoother and dynamic parking solutions we have Ultimate Solutions like.

Planning of Transport:

Transport planning by providing a time period of parked Vehicles, Keeping a parking space at the facility of interest. When a particular space is reserved; it can provide geographical coordinates as the destination of the navigation direction.


On-road navigation, navigation from the present location to the destination parking area. Indoor navigation, When the user reaches the destination parking space, it navigates the driver to the secured parking space.

Services based on location:

Point of Interest guidance is main functionality assists the driver to find their POI location and provide user accurate knowledge of location.

Parking Facilities Movement:

Look the list of all available parking address over the internet, the service provider broadcasts a list of all relevant parking facilities so Client can access the list through the internet and can add or remove facility of interest of parking.

Why we need Smart Parking Systems?

A powerful transportation network is the key force of urban living. A city can fail if it will not meet the necessary requirement for parking because it does not have Intelligent Parking Services like,

  • Advanced Parking area
  • Reduced traffic control
  • Reduced Pollution
  • Safety at Parking area
  • Integrated Payments for Parking and POS
  • Real-Time Data for Parking slots
  • Enhanced User Experience

By applying, this implementation of a Smart Location based Parking would definitely a huge investment for any Company Owner and City Government.

Our Solutions To make Your Parking Easy

Our Highly Skilled Developers will create mobile as well as web applications based on Smart Parking. It allows Services as find parking place at cheapest rate in the city, real-time availability of parking place and horize you to reserve a parking spot.

The Applications which is developed on a native platforms allows Features like,

  • Map and Listing View
  • Booking
  • Parking Timer
  • Rates
  • NearBy parking facilities
  • Voice search feature
  • Parking meter
  • Secure Parking technology

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