Amar Infotech is an offshore PHP development company in India that provides client-centric PHP development services & solutions, tailored to meet specifications of your business in a performance-rendering manner.

PHP is the language of choice, a technology matured greatly for web development with almost 80% of all the existing websites breathing on PHP code. And on the other side, it’s an open source technology and development cost is lower than the other technologies like java and .NET. As a PHP Development Company, we have experience in developing high-quality PHP and MySQL based web applications.

Designed for the Web

PHP has built-in features to handle heavily trafficked sites and to simplify common Web programming tasks.

Open Source

Collaborative development leads to rapid technology advancement, superior code quality, a massive library of prewritten code, and comprehensive developer support and documentation.

Ease of Use

Companies gain enhanced productivity of development teams and significantly reduced time-to-market of mission critical web applications

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PHP Development Services

Web Technologies

Laravel Development

Laravel – one of the highly known PHP frameworks is used for the SMEs level project development due to the rapid development features and its architectural pattern. It has an easy learning curve, simple code syntax, and powerful tools that make it the best choice for the Laravel developers.

Web Tools

Zend Development

Attractive PHP technology to the next level, the Zend Framework is based on simplicity, object-oriented best practices, commercial-friendly licensing schemes, and most outstandingly – a carefully tested, agile code base. The primary focus of Zend Framework is building highly secure, reliable, and modern Web 2.0 applications.

Web Design

CakePHP Development

CakePHP is an open source web application framework for producing online web application. Currently, CakePHP is one of the mainly popular open-source rapid development frameworks. It is MVC architecture; it helps to achieve the scalability and maintainability of web applications.

Web Design

Codeigniter Development

CodeIgniter – one of the most sought after frameworks in Open Source Development in the world today that provides a planned system to build dynamic websites using PHP. This platform is highly development friendly providing its users with easy-to-use tools and highly interactive interface where you will be able to use and apply your creativity and logics effortlessly.

API Development

Yii Development

Yii (Yes It Is) is a PHP5-based open source programme designed to handle the simplest to most complicated web developments having wide range of applicability. It offers every Yii development company a considerable amount of flexibility, as well as stability.

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