Airport Billing and Ground Handling Billing System

Strategic Design That Gets Results

Amar InfoTech become a leader for cloud-based airport billing and ground handling billing systems. In addition, It has deployed its systems to airports/ground handlers in Asia and Africa. More than 9+ years of experience in the Travel Industry, as well as airport charges and ground handling contracts, make airport billing one of our core competencies. Click Here…

Our focus is on business process optimization and system integration benefits:

  • Save administration overhead by streamlining your invoicing processes; reduce manual calculations and media gaps throughout your system landscape.
  • Invoice quicker, more frequently and more accurately; realize your revenues earlier and reduce clearing efforts.
  • Send your invoices not just as paper but also electronically; your airline customers will appreciate this service.
  • Save IT costs by replacing costly customer-tailored systems with standard software.
  • Make your billing data available for business intelligence for more insights in your airport’s potentials.

Amar InfoTech offers two alternative solutions for Cloud-Based Airport Billing. We thus focus on your preferred technology.

Flight Permit Administration System

Two Alternatives for Airport Billing/Aeronautical Invoicing

Most airports today have an off-the-shelf ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, SAP ERP for instance, to integrate business processes and data. Moreover, the Airport Billing System/Aeronautical Invoicing requires flight movements data from the AODB (airport operational database).

One integrated view – two ways for airport billing/aeronautical invoicing:

Amar InfoTech Billing is closely integrated with the AODB. An automated upload process enables the billing system to operate with data from the AODB. A rules engine calculates the applicable fees and creates the corresponding bill items, bills, and receipts. Financial data is transferred to your accounting system user interfaces.

Amar InfoTech Billing for SAP forms a module of your ERP system. Any operational data will be uploaded from your AODB to SAP.

Calculating in two steps:

  • Determine the charges to be calculated
  • On the basis of selected attributes of a flight, the system determines the extent of relevant charge types that shall be calculated. The list of charge types and their descriptions (e.g. “Landing Charge”, “Charge for use of CUTE and FIDS”) may be maintained by the user as well as their relation to certain flight attributes (e.g. passenger charges only for commercial flights).

  • Calculate the charges
  • The calculation of the amounts to be actually invoiced is performed by a flexible rule engine. Of course, this engine enables the handling of customer-specific conditions like rebates or surcharges. The result of the calculation is stored in a separate table (Bill Items) without relation to a later invoice. These bill items may be revised and amended before producing the final invoice.

Different Type of Airport Billing Charges:


Amar InfoTech has been successfully interfaced with several small, medium, and enterprise-level accounting systems, exporting at the click of a button.

  • Vadim iCity
  • Finance & Community Plus
  • Sage AccPac
  • Axis
  • Epicor
  • Great Plains
  • QuickBooks
  • Sun
  • Oracle
  • Simply Accounting
  • Other systems that support imports