Revenue generation at airports follows a diverse range of methods, such as fees for aircraft operations, aircraft services, passenger movements, and many others. These processes are often specific to the particular airport and its operating environment, making the management and processing of this information a challenging and intricate undertaking.

A prominent airport faced the need to enhance its billing processes by transitioning from a labor-intensive manual system relying on Excel spreadsheets to an automated solution. The airport billing operates with billing instructions, which at times involve complex calculations. It involves recurring charges that remain consistent every month and activity-based charges that are contingent on the level of activity at the airport.

Airport & Ground Handling Charges We Support

  • Domestic / International Landing Charges
  • Parking, Hangarage and Long-term storage of Aircraft
  • Passenger & Cargo Service Charges
  • Airport Development and Airport Security Charges
  • Incineration Charges
  • Chartered Flight Service Charges

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Web Technologies

Data Capture

The ability to gather flight and passenger data has effectively addressed a significant challenge faced by Civil Aviation Authorities and Airport Authorities, such as ensuring precise aircraft Maximum Takeoff Weights (MTOWs) for each invoice.

Web Tools

Billing & Invoicing

The goal of an effective billing and invoicing process is to make it easier, ensuring that relationships with air operators remain as dispute-free as possible. By simplifying this process, the aim is to minimize conflicts and maintain positive relationships with these operators.

Web Design

Streamlined Accounting

Real-time invoicing, notifications, sales reports, and iterative dashboards are transforming the way accounting and credit control processes are managed. These tools provide instant access to financial information, allowing for efficient and effective decision-making.

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