The world is on the brink of our next technological revolution, with the next generation of connectivity 5G. IoT services for cities will become faster, smarter and connect IoT applications, objects, vehicles, and devices like never before.

Amar Infotech is the top IoT smart city provider have solutions for a more efficient water supply for city, an excellent solution for traffic congestion, more reliable public transport, energy-efficient buildings, and public safety solutions.

We closely work with developers, mobile operators, government to deliver real, long-term benefits to citizens.

Leverage Benefits of Smart City IoT Solutions

  • City Economic Growth and Viability
  • Well Being/Quality of Life for Citizens
  • Greenfield and Retrofit and Upgrades
  • Energy Production and Usage, Water, Waste

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Amar Infotech for Smart City IoT Solutions

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Smart City Transport Solution

Transportation system is a key element of any city growth. Our solution brings innovative ideas to Improve safety in city transportation and reduce traffic congestion with connected vehicles and wireless parking solutions. With Intelligent Transportation we bring solution to monitoring traffic patterns, metro stations, coordinating train times, highly trafficked pedestrian areas and much more.

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Smart City Environment Solution

Clear Environment improve the quality of life for citizens and make cities more livable. Amar Infotech brings IoT cloud solution to improve the city environment. With use of IoT, Big Data, and Data Science our solution brings services like Air Quality monitoring, City Noise level monitoring, solid waste monitoring solution, wastewater monitoring, etc.

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Smart City Safety Solution

We make sure all home IoT systems can self monitor them self to avoid home maintenance disasters. Our preventive maintenance service for home automation provides immediate alerts, and statistics to homeowners for appliance failure, water leakage, and electrical issues.

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Smart City Energy Solution

Smart City Energy solution provided by Amar Infotech eliminate unnecessary Energy usage. A Lighting systems consumes lot of energy and it can be reduced by IoT solution like automatic adjust lightning condition, light turn off in empty streets using sensors.

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Smart City Utilities Solution

Amar Infotech have solution for generating and transporting energy are being driven by the IoT. Our solutions includes Regular Energy Audit, Meter Data Acquisition (MDA), Wireless Water Meter, PV monitoring dashboard, and EV charging Systems.

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Smart City Health Solution

We provide the development of IoT technologies for Smart city healthcare providers. New solution includes remote patient monitoring, remote icu enables doctors to remotely monitor the patients, mHealth Applications for diabetes patients, and wearables for health applications.

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