Home automation is the process of managing home appliances automatically using various control system techniques. Amar Infotech home automation solution brings a range of benefits for homeowners.

We know how to make good use of home devices such as create advanced security systems with cameras and motion sensors to ensure safety at home, and control various devices such as entertainment system, air conditioner, lights, curtains, and security systems at your fingertips.

Amar Infotech is a full-cycle Hardware and software development company provides solution for home automation using hardwares, software/apps and several home automation protocols like Zigbee, Wifi, Bluetooth, 6LoWPAN, Thread, ANT and EnOcean.

Leverage Benefits of Home Automation IoT Solutions

  • Secure Your Home Appliances
  • Improve Your Convenience
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Usage
  • Create a Great Set-up For Family Entertainment

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Amar Infotech for Home Automation IoT Solutions

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Smart Home Appliances

We can develop any kind of Smart device protocols can communicate with internet from smart locks to cameras to curtains to coffee pots. Our aim is to provide the best user experience and safety when developing IoT projects for smart homes.

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Smart Home Surveillance

Amar Infotech is excellent in developing home surveillance system with use of sensors like door and window sensors, motion sensors, and video cameras. With such sensors homeowners can immediately notify to detect break-ins.

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Preventive Maintenance

We make sure all home IoT systems can self monitor them self to avoid home maintenance disasters. Our preventive maintenance service for home automation provides immediate alerts, and statistics to homeowners for appliance failure, water leakage, and electrical issues.

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Smart Lightning

Smart Lighting solution provided by Amar Infotech eliminate unnecessary energy usage. A lighting system consumes lot of energy and it can be reduced by IoT solution like automatic adjust lightning condition, light turn off in empty rooms using sensors.

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Connected Entertainment System

Control music system, television channels via building a smart home entertainment system. Amar Infotech can help you to build your personalised audio-visual systems like smart speaker, multi room video that can be control broadcasting of audio-video all around your home.

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