The cost recovery for the service provision for flight clearance is solely for the administrative costs incurred and not for the permit itself for that reason charges are not refundable. Not refundable because the administrative service provided for both acceptance or refusal of permit is the same.

A major airport was in need of improving their billing processes by moving from a highly manual system using Excel spreadsheets to an automated system. Airport billing is based on billing instructions which in some cases are very complex formulas. They having recurring charges that are the same each month and activity based charges based on level of activity at the airport.

Normally all the scheduled airlines have their local agent in every country to manage the permit request who apply, pay and obtain the permit on behalf of the airline. So in that case permit request can be initiated either by the direct airline by local agent operator.

Ad HOC flight permit request automation

In the aviation Industry, the automation of ad hoc flight permit requests stands as a beacon of efficiency and compliance. By integrating automated systems, aviation operators can navigate the labyrinth of regulatory requirements with ease, streamlining the process from request submission to permit acquisition.

Leveraging advanced algorithms and real-time data processing, these systems ensure accuracy while significantly reducing the administrative burden associated with manual processing. With a seamless transition from traditional methods to automated solutions, aviation professionals can embrace a future where regulatory compliance is not only achieved but effortlessly maintained, allowing for safer and more efficient skies.

Ad Hoc Flights in Aviation: A New Era of Flexibility and Convenience

The aviation industry is experiencing a significant transformation with the increasing demand for ad hoc flights. Ad hoc flights, which are unscheduled and booked on a short notice, cater to individuals and organizations requiring rapid, flexible travel solutions. This segment of air travel is becoming increasingly important, particularly for business executives, emergency responders, and travelers seeking spontaneous adventures. Here’s an in-depth look at how ad hoc flights are revolutionizing the aviation industry:

  • Understanding Ad Hoc Flights
  • Ad hoc flights are unscheduled, on-demand flights that provide flexible travel solutions for urgent and spontaneous travel needs.

  • Technological Advancements
  • Advanced booking platforms and mobile apps are revolutionizing the ease and efficiency of securing ad hoc flights with real-time data and predictive analytics.

  • Private Jet Charters
  • Private jet charters offer unparalleled flexibility and convenience, allowing for immediate departure and direct travel to destinations without commercial flight delays.

  • Cost Efficiency and Accessibility
  • Competitive pricing, fractional ownership models, and empty leg flights are making ad hoc flights more affordable and accessible to a wider audience.

  • Corporate and Business Travel
  • Ad hoc flights enable businesses to respond quickly to urgent meetings and engagements, enhancing productivity and saving valuable time.

  • Emergency and Humanitarian Services
  • Ad hoc flights are essential for rapid deployment of aid and personnel in disaster-stricken areas, playing a critical role in emergency and humanitarian missions.

  • Challenges and Future Prospects
  • Despite regulatory and operational challenges, advancements in technology and increasing market competition are set to enhance the future growth and accessibility of ad hoc flights.

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Web Technologies

Apply for Permit

Operator must enter all the required data needed for a permit request. Operator gets an email notification with a reference number to be used for payment.

Web Design

Invoice and Payment

There shall be a link for the invoice on the clearance detail page. When the operator clicks on that link, an invoice will be generated to download and make payment. Operator can make bulk or prepayment(Advance/ deposit payment) for a permit. Operator gets alert to notify them of their remaining balance if it falls below a certain threshold.

Web Design

Verification & Validation

AIS(Aeronautical information service) will only see paid requests and action on it. Ais staff can only validate the clearance request, as payments are non-refundable. Based on the airworthiness standard at the time of validation and verification process, AIS staff either accept or refuse the permit request. Permit number only generated in case of acceptance of permit request.

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