The Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries to adopt Internet of Things. The IoT(Internet of Things) is beginning to work its way into many industries, from smart cities, smart homes, agriculture, manufacturing, museums, events, smart cars and the healthcare industry also.

Amar Infotech invests a large spectrum of expertise to support Healthcare industries from device to cloud data, advanced medical imaging, remote solutions, home health care, medicine management and many more.

As the healthcare technologies are improving, there is an increased engagement and awareness of patients when it comes to their health. In such outline, the demand for remote care facility between doctors and patients is more cheered up than ever. However, the current healthcare environments are not facilitated with technologies that can enhance patient care by providing them with real-time patient statistics and authorize them to take proactive measures for treatment. Our IoT solution for the healthcare industry enables hospitals to enhance the care quality while concentrating on overall expenditure reduction.

Leverage Benefits of Healthcare IoT Solutions

  • Improved Patient Experience
  • Cut Down on the Medical Costs
  • Continuous Monitoring of Patient’s Conditions
  • Remote Medical Consultation
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Patient’s Data Availability Any Time Any Where
  • Fast and Easy Location of Devices and Other Utilities
  • Medical Assets Maintenance Automation
  • Smart Analysis of Resource Consumption

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Amar Infotech for Healthcare IoT Solutions

Web Technologies

IoT Connected Hospitals

Our IoT driven application target a wide range of connected hospitals services like connected medical devices, real-time locations systems, smart beds and other smart wireless technologies. Implementing IoT for hospitals provide support for patient monitoring remotely, diseases prevention, and better patient care.

Web Tools

Internet of Healthcare Things(IoHT)

Our sensor based devices integrated with smart mobile application helps tracking hospital assets, and collect clinical data from resources. IoHT services specially helps localization and real-time information about assets. This leads quality care, time savings and ensure patient safety.

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Remote Health Monitoring

Remote Health monitoring also refers remote patient monitoring helps medical staff remotely monitor patient health condition. It assists to stop and organize chronic conditions. Amar Infotech use specialized wearables, biosensors and medical devices to get physiological data and wirelessly communicate this information to both the patient and doctors.

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Fitness Wearables

Amar Infotech provides software and hardware services for specialized fitness wearables like sleep trackers, wristbands and blood pressure monitor. Fitness wearables prevent health issues measures heart rate, temperature, arterial pressure, glucose levels and alert healthcare professionals.

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