Effective IT Industry Engagement Model

Fix budget | Time & material | Hire Dedicated Team

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Fixed Budget, Time & Material, Hire Dedicated Team

Amar InfoTech has built a company expressly for the purpose of fulfilling your application development needs.

Fixed budget

Fixed Budget Model is best suitable for small and medium level projects with specific scope and understandable specifications of the projects.

  • Best efforts of work for quality solution in fixed budget.

  • Different way of pricing based on features of your requirement.

  • We prefer only quality work to achieve the best result./

Time & material

Time & Material Model is a striking option if you have multipart and high level projects where the project specifications progress as the implementation progresses. Your new ideas always welcome.

  • Regular work reports and update facilitate.

  • Optimizing the costs and timelines.

  • Increase or reduce resources and pay for the specific work done.

Hire Dedicated Team

You can hire a team who can create, configure and complete the task as per your requirement. All efforts and activity will be done by hired developers and time duration will be yours.

  • Experienced team for better result.

  • Cost benefits as well as less time duration.

  • Dynamically Changing scope requirements.