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Ecommerce Development

The New Generation is MOBILE

Having an enchanting and compelling e-commerce website is a must if you have an online business. But it doesn’t end at that; it should be highly efficient and very effective to give user a lively shopping experience. This is what we do for your business.

Our Complete Ecommerce Solutions focus on following key areas:

  • GUI Design

  • Validation, Testing and Security

  • Enhancement and Up Gradation

  • Development and Implementation

  • Maintenance, Data Migration and Support

  • Search Engine Optimization

Open Source Ecommerce Platforms Matters:

TIP : Invest in a solution that not only meets your present requirements, but also is capable of accommodating your future business needs.

Always choose software that is easy to manage and allows you to focus on your core business activities. Choose an Ecommerce Solution that fits your business requirements. Analyze Ecommerce software in terms of its scalability, security and the amount of customization allowed.

Through our expertise and experience in developing e-commerce applications, we have rolled out the most advanced shopping cart solutions on web
some of which are listed below:mCommerce Matters:

TIP :In the Multi-Platform, Multi-Device world we live in today, you can no longer take for granted a homogeneous operating experience.

One of the fastest growing sectors is mobile commerce. If you’re still on the fence on whether your company should be in mCommerce, the decision has pretty much been made for you, your current ecommerce store has to be mCommerce friendly or you’re simply just not in the game.

Your exercises before you hire us:

Next, review your business development/marketing plans for generating revenue online. Did you generate sales through PPC, Retargeting, Email, SEO, Social Media or other marketing strategies? How much did you spend for each, what was the revenue per channel and how effective was each method?
You’ll need to know these numbers to determine where to direct more resources.

Remember to prioritize and figure out how to put your efforts into the tasks that will reap you the rewards that you want and not the task that keeps you busy.

From Cart to Conversion

We know why most websites fail to achieve business objectives.

Whether your company is launching its first website or already has an established online presence, the goals
are the same: meet customer needs and grow the business. From the spanning architecture to functional
navigation, Amar InfoTech digs deep to enhance every touch point, develop your connection with customers
and realize your business potential.Success in a competitive environment requires a customized approach
that leverages the latest technology to efficiently convert casual browsers into loyal customers.

  • Custom Product Catalogs

    AI create a custom online catalog to
    feature your products in an efficient
    and appealing layout.

  • Strategy

    From design to implementation to
    platform, we'll help design a
    strategy for success.

  • Mobile Commerce

    Device independent mobile shopping,
    designed and built to suit any

  • Shipping / Fulfillment

    It defined as the steps involved in
    receiving, processing and delivering
    orders to end customers.

  • Efficient Smart Cart Shopping

    AI integrate your shopping cart with
    many 3rd party applications to
    automate your shipping rates.

  • Custom Development

    Custom development that is
    designed and built to fit your
    specific business needs.