The trend of industrial IoT 2019 effects B2B markets and changes the way tool is designed and involve its environment. For the business transformation and disruption, IoT is a promoter for them. IoT is a unification technology such as cloud computing, machine learning, big data, networking and embedded systems.

We here at Amar Infotech provide inclusive IoT services that meet software accuracy, robustness, reduce waste, increase efficiency and safety requirements. That’s what we call serious IoT and that’s where we can help.

Amar Infotech is one of the best IoT software agencies with the right set of skills to provide a full range of Internet of Things services. Our IoT life cycle works on a process called Connect, Communicate, Analyse and Act.

Our IoT standards and protocol follows TCP/IP model as IoT applications, device management; Data format as Binary, JSON, and CBOR; Application Layer as CoAP, MQTT, XMPP, and AMQP; Transport layer as UDP, DTLS; Internet Layer as IPV6/ IP routing, 6LoWPAN; Network/Link Layer as IEEE 802.15.4 MAC, IEEE 802.15.4 PHY/ Physical ratio which defines the operation of low-rate wireless personal area networks (LR-WPANs).

Our IOT Services

IoT Application Design and Development

At Amar Infotech, IoT Application development services include software support so that clients can get complete solutions at one destination. We have achieved ability in building Web, iOS and Android Applications for IoT using different mediums like Low Energy(BLE), WiFi, Beacon, iBeacon, Eddystone, AltBeacon, and geo-fencing.

IoT Hardware Design and Development

You are welcome to Amar Infotech as soon as an idea is born in your mind. We will work with you to fully understand your hardware needs and how they would impact our framework choices. We will present physical mock-ups and design to make your idea become reality. Once finalised prototype design, we’ll handover to a manufacturer to start the fabrication of your first prototypes into production.

IoT Cloud and API Integration

Based on your specific cloud needs, We build custom back-end solutions and design APIs to setup secure, scalable and cost-efficient infrastructures.

IoT Based Data Science and Analytics

Wealth of data collected by mobile data, sensor data, social media data and device speaks for your customers and your business. Amar Infotech provides credible predictions and insights to analyze market behavior and predict opportunities using data science and analytics. We help our clients to create customized dashboards, data visualizations and detailed reports which represent user performance and hardware performance.

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How We Can Help

Web Technologies

Industrial IOT Solutions

Amar Infotech connect, optimize and scale your digital industrial applications. With our skills in big data, machine learning and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies we develop IIoT solutions that increase manufacturing and industrial processes.

Web Tools

Automotive IOT Solutions

Amar Infotech is highly scalable to provide IoT services as data analytics helps to create driving skills assessment, automotive visualization and reporting and create proactive alerting to reduce faults and accidents.

Web Design

Home Automation IOT Solutions

We know how to make good use of home devices such as create advanced security systems with cameras and motion sensors to ensure safety at home, and control various devices such as entertainment system, air conditioner, lights, curtains, and security systems at your fingertips.

Web Design

Smart City IOT Solutions

Amar Infotech is the top IoT smart city provider have solutions for a more efficient water supply for city, an excellent solution for traffic congestion, more reliable public transport, energy-efficient buildings, and public safety solutions.

API Development

Healthcare IOT Solutions

Our IoT solution for the healthcare industry enables hospitals to enhance the care quality while concentrating on overall expenditure reduction. Amar Infotech can provide you solutions on Healthcare by using IoT such as Real time Location services, track the equipment used for treating patients.

Progressive Web Application

Smart Car Parking IOT Solutions

Location-based parking solutions are developed to give drivers an extreme solution on their travel from start to end without searching for parking. By creating more smoother and dynamic parking solutions we have solution to minimise the time spent in searching for the nearest available car park.

Customer Success Stories

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