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Location Based IoT Solutions


The trend of Industrial IoT 2018 effects B2B markets and changes the way tool is designed and involve its environment. For the Business transformation and disruption, IoT is a promoter for them. Location-based services for the internet of things (IoT) Solutions can help a Business person to boost their business. Indeed, Location information connected with timestamps provide organizations the potential to know when and where the object is, or where it was before. It also creates trend mapping which can be used to enhance the processes.

We here at Amar Technology provide inclusive IoT services that meet software accuracy, robustness, and safety requirements. That’s what we call serious IoT and that’s where we can help.

IoT Application Design and Development

Internet of Things connecting everyday things embedded in electronics, software, and sensors to the internet enabling them to collect and exchange data With the growing tendency of relating to all physical and sports devices to the internet controlling them via your mobile applications is earning hasty momentum; it’s easy and it works. Nowadays Application is considered as future trends for businesses lots of advantage for their users like it gave several new opportunities.

At Amar Infotech, Application development services include software as well as hardware support so that clients can get complete solutions at one destination. We have achieved ability in building iOS and Android Applications for IoT using different mediums like Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE), WiFi, Beacon, iBeacon, Eddystone, AltBeacon, and geo-fencing.

We manage everything from the comfort of your smartphone and you can engage with your system using a dedicated mobile app.

Bluetooth/Location based App Solutions

Bluetooth opens new doors for Iot based applications.

Bluetooth low energy(BLE) is a wireless personal area network technology made for transmitting data over short distances. All Bluetooth empowered application can now actually interact with BLE devices that desires similarly low power like as Healthcare and medical devices.

How Does IoT Works?

IoT Sensors

The Internet of Things system consists of Sensors/devices which passes data/information to the cloud server through IoT Gateways. IoT Sensors Manufacturers are at the hearts of IoT based solutions providing smart IoT Sensors which is extensively being used in the IoT World. Smart Sensors will leverage the possibility by automatically connect the system without human effort. Here I have listed out top 10 IoT Sensors ruling the IoT Industry,

arctouch, southfield mobile app design and development company

IoT Gateways

IoT Gateway is one of the key element in IoT Ecosystem. IoT Gateways primary purpose to provide a bridge between different types of communication technologies like connected sensors(Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, and Z-wave) and connected actors and Network like the Internet(Wide area network) or Intranet(local networks) which often differ in terms of connectivity types interfaces or protocols. IoT Gateways also provides capabilities like Data Volume Filtering, communication bridging, and Security Implementation are part of Edge Computing.

Cloud Server

IoT Cloud Server provides ready to use hosted services based on a standard virtual private server(VPS) like Amazon or Microsoft Azure by considering the server side of the IoT Solution. This high-end Cloud Server use to scale up to millions of connected devices.

IP Addresses

Internet necessaitates IP addressing through communication protocol(IPv6) to unnamed devices like sensors and remotely connected devices to produce reports updates, status changes or to perform actions commanded via internet and connect to IoT Application.

IoT Application

Internet of Things refers to the extension of today’s internet beyond connectivity and interaction among traditional user-operated devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones and other similar types of devices. IoT Application admin can control the devices from any location and give commands to perform given activity to devices. Which will connect to IoT Clouds and cloud will recognize the device and passes information through IoT Gateways to IoT Sensors. Sensors will reply back immediately with expected output to Cloud Server and gives related information to the user using IoT Application.

IoT Mobile App Features

Why do we need an Internet of Things(IoT)?

Internet of Things is basically expanding the interdependence of humans to interact, contribute and collaborate with things around us. One of the major benefits of an Internet of Things is efficiently utilized the Resources are available. Apart from this IoT minimizing Human Effort involved smart enough to interact it to filter to do things. All these things are so important and become popular today and the concept of smart home is always growing as well in the same perspective. Development of Artificial Intelligence(AI) based System through IoT is possible which makes the world a better place. Internet of Things also saves time by reducing human efforts and utilizing resources more efficiently.

IoT lets us achieve the true potential of technology by connecting various devices to the IoT Platform, Analyze the data collected and use it to build Business Intelligence and integrate various models to improve the user experience.

Here are some core IoT Features which display core values like Connect, Analyze and Integrate,

1.) Connect

IoT Device Virtualization standardizes integration of devices with the IoT enterprise platform through Cloud or server. IoT High-Speed Messages enable reliable, secure, and bi-directional communication between devices and cloud. IoT Endpoint Management represents device endpoint identity, metadata and lifecycle states for all devices.

2.) Analyze

IoT System Processing is a real-time analysis of incoming data streams with event aggregation, filtering, and correlation. IoT Data Enrichment enriches raw data streams with contextual information and generates composite streams. IoT Event Store queries and visualize massive amounts of data/information present on BI Cloud platform and enable big data analysis.

3.) Integrate

IoT Enterprise Connectivity dynamically dispatch critical IoT data and events to IoT Applications and process flows. IoT Rest APIs is a communication operator integrate API with cloud Apps and IoT devices. Through IoT Command and Control send messages to devices from enterprises and mobile apps, independent of device connectivity.

Industry - Focused Internet of Things(IoT) Solution

IoT for Smart Water Management

Our resourceful water platform distribute actionable data in convenient real time to assist you to improve water efficiencies and water conservation. We introduce Smart Water Service Solution Which resolve smart metering of water, smart water data management and constantly monitoring distribution of water and control.

Our service for IoT based water solution deploying the solution as a service through the mobile app, cloud, and sensors. We will also create powerful analytical tools generated alerts will enable the city’s water utility to quickly pinpoint problem areas. This will manage system pressure before leaks became extreme or pipes burst.

Location based Parking Solution

Amar Infotech Smart Parking Solution is to give advanced range of services based on real time service and real time activities. Our Solution monitors intelligent parking systems such as arrival and departure of vehicles, vehicle count, manage parking system activities, add parking slots as well as revenue management.

Our Highly Skilled Developers will create mobile as well as web applications based on Smart Parking. It allows Services as find parking place at cheapest rate in the city, real-time availability of parking place and horize you to reserve a parking spot.

IoT Logistics & Assets Solutions

Amar Infotech Smart Logistics and Assets Solution uses vehicle-mounted terminals to collect data from multiple sensors such as temperature sensors, GPS receivers, and identity cards, then backhauls the data through networks.

Our services offers Route Optimization, Energy management, Fleet management, emperature control system for assets, workforce management, cost control, Asset Protection, Labor Utilization, Inventory management, Reduced manual Labors, Traffic management, and Smart Beacon based services.

IoT with Event Management

Our technology allows event managers to interact personally with visitors and participants by triggering location-specific content and alerts to their mobile devices. Main focal point on features of Event management is Attendance management, promotion of events, Registration, push notification.

The more gadgets linked to the internet, the more we can gather information on participants movements at events, which will lead to more targeted and well-organized event management.

Vehicle to Vehicle Tracking Solutions

The demand for more intelligent control solutions comes from complicated traffic situations. Our Solutions to Connected vehicle tracking has higher precise knowledge of traffic situation. Our target is to reduce congestion th traffic and minimize emissions so we can optimize traffic flows.

Our IoT based applications for vehicle tracking provides you complete fleets solution to reduce risk level and enhance your vehicle performance features with enhanced performance.

IoT for Retail Solutions

Amar Infotech provide IoT services for Retail Solutions insights as a service for retail store operations, which can be useful for Retail Owners for Predictive equipment maintenance, Energy management, smart transportation, demand-aware warehouses, smart stores and Food Freshness.

Our solutions allow you to smartly develop necessary apps for tracking items with RFID tags, ensure item availability, provide Beacons Bluetooth based personalized shopping experience, and many features to attract customers to your store.

HealthCare IoT Solutions

IoT in healthcare which benefit patients,families and physicians. Nowadays, Many hospitals uses IoT for Healthcare to improves patient satisfaction. Our Company can provide you Solutions On Healthcare by using IoT such as Real time Location services, track the equipment used for treating patients.

Our IoT solution for the healthcare industry enables hospitals to enhance the care quality while concentrating on overall expenditure reduction.

IoT based smart museum

Amar Infotech Solutions for museum industry to help visitors for Mapping of the Museum and ability to pin the precise location of the events and exhibitions,prescribe on what to see from artworks to architecture and Ability to save your favorite art and add them to your calendar.

Amar Infotech is the best IoT based smart Museum solutions provider company and specialized in Location-based technologies and use devices like Beacons, iBeacons, Eddystone, and many more.

End to End IoT App Development Services Include

Our IoT Development Services Enabling Enterprises to be future friendly. Our services designed to meet the unique needs of reputable Enterprises in the USA and other parts of the world. We are helping our clients to adopt it for process optimization, productivity increase cutting down the operations costs, customer behavior analysis, high revenue generation etc. Our range of services include,

IoT App Development Services USA,India

Why hire our Developers

Amar Infotech, an award-winning leading technology consulting firm offers insights and ideas to enterprises on the right IoT solutions to obtain advantages of IoT technology. We have a team of the experience IoT developers who are proficient in harnessing the power of IoT which will take your business to the next level.

Diversity in Technology is what our developers at Amar Infotech offer your business. Contact Amar Infotech to get reliable IoT solutions in USA, Europe, India or elsewhere in the world.