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We, at Amar Infotech, have built on our deep knowledge of traditional product engineering across electronics and software platforms, to enable clients to navigate their abstract ideas into business achievements

Why Engineer with Amar Infotech

Easy Head-Start

We ease the start of the development process for you. You have the opportunity to test the waters with our pilot project. With a small budget, short timeframe and any number of specialists on a team, you gain an understanding of how we communicate, engineer and deliver results.

Thorough Business Analysis

You get well thought out prototypes based on a deep analysis of your requirements. We let you see the big picture before the start of the project, so that you can make any changes while in the early stage, which could save up to 40% of your engineering costs.

High Bar for Engineers

Starting from entry level specialists, we require a profound knowledge of algorithms and data structures as well as skillful application of programming patterns. Our engineers have an adequate proficiency to communicate the inventive ideas to you which will make the solution work even more effectively.

Streamlined Processes

We believe standard project management methodologies, as they are by definition, look good only on paper. Therefore, we use combinations of Scrum-based, Kanban and Waterfall methodologies along with well-established practices, such as Continuous Integration, QA Automation and more.

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How We Can Help

Web Technologies

Web Application Development

While the idea of each web portal development varies from business to business, we provide customized Web Portal Development services as per your need, as well as a record of completing more than 200+ web applications for clients worldwide across 30+ countries.

Web Tools

Mobile App Development

Amar InfoTech is a leading mobile apps development company in India and World wide, helping companies right from startups, small businesses to large enterprises design, develop and launch custom mobile application.

Web Design

Frontend Development

Amar InfoTech, a leading front-end development company offers highly sophisticated front-end development services to build custom, robust and secure applications that deliver unique solutions tailored to meet client needs.

Web Design

Software Product Development

The software product development and design process include competitive analysis, technical feasibility, product roadmap management, and implementation and timely upgrades of the product to satisfy the ever-changing user and technology needs.

API Development

Full Stack Development

Every business is in need of a professional who is expert enough to provide complete development services right from the frontend to backend.

Progressive Web Application

Hire Dedicated Team

The Benefits of outsourcing are many and one of them is hire dedicated team for your work which gives an advantage over hiring a permanent in-house staff.

Web Design


Technologies, programming languages, frameworks and tools we extensively use to implement your exclusive software product.

Customer Success Stories

The success of our customers speaks louder than our words