Amar InfoTech team has years of proven experience in providing Web development services. At Amar InfoTech, we provide you the hiring highly experienced YII developer, with the best skill set for your business requirements.

At Amar Infotech, our YII developers have the best background in web application development. We provide you cost-effective models and experienced developers on monthly hiring representation from our obtainable pool of software developers. As Amar InfoTech is a leading web development company so that you can hire Yii developer from Amar Infotech.

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  • What are the advantages of using Yii?

    Yii provides Cross-site Scripting Prevention, various kinds of widgets and extensions, easy to use code architecture , Cookie Attack Prevention to save aloft cost and many more.

  • Why should you hire a Yii developer?

    When you hire Yii developers, you can camly and flexibly design all kinds of PHP-based web applications for your business. In using the platform, your business can experience the following edges:
    • The framework is highly extensible
    • Yii promotes testing
    • It simplifies security
    • Yii decreases the application development time
  • Why is Yii the most preferable choice among all PHP frameworks?

    Yii was released in 2008 and the upgraded version is 2.0.35. It is fast, secure, adequate and open-source. Code generators for CRUD operations make it ideal for fast development. It utilizes DRY coding rules, helpful for writing a well designed code with a sophisticated code base. Yii is extensible and has a quicker loading time as compared to other frameworks.

  • What skills should you look for when hiring Yii developers?

    Here are basic skills to look while hiring Yii developers:
    • Strong background and experience in PHP programming and the Yii framework.
    • Knowledge of object-oriented programming (OOP)
    • Knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Mongo, Apache, Ajax, and jQuery
    • Familiar with UI/UX design
    • Experience developing various web applications (e.g. CMS, portal, forum) depending on the project needs .

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