Amar Infotech offers hire .NET Core developers services at affordable costs customized to meet client needs. Our hire .NET Core developers model ensures highest level of transparency, security and scalability. With our flexible services, you can hire .NET Core specialists from our large pool of resources for an extended period of time or ad-hoc requirement.

The team size is adjustable and depends on your current needs and can be easily modified/changed when your requirements change. You can hire .NET Core programmers who are specialists in .NET Core development on an as-needed basis for particular project without any upfront investments.

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  • What is .NET Core used for?

    It is a cross-platform with immense -performance, open-source framework for designing, cloud-enabled, Internet-connected apps. With this , you can: design web apps, Internet of Things (IoT) apps, and mobile backends.

  • What is the discrepancy between .NET and .NET Core?

    The Asp.Net Core is an amended version of Asp.Net. The difference between Asp.Net and Asp.Net Core is that – Asp.Net supports Windows only, whereas the Asp.Net Core framework is platform-independent which means it is supported by various platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS.

  • How do I become an ASP.NET Core developer?

    Get the knowledge to deal with both client- and server-side technologies as an .NET Core developer. This path needs basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Git.

  • Why is .NET Core so popular?

    . NET Core features independent packaging and installation, and is cross-platform suitable. This makes the best framework to design cutting-edge web apps. Once the app is designed , it provides the choice to reuse the code again for application development, regardless of the OS or platform.

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