As an IOT development company, we at Amar Infotech believe the IoT technology has the potential to reshape the automotive industry. Our aim is to provide automotive IoT services to automotive testing labs, automotive plants, automotive manufacturers, car rental agencies, driving schools, logistics companies, etc.

Amar Infotech is highly scalable to provide IoT services as data analytics helps to create driving skills assessment, automotive visualization and reporting and create proactive alerting to reduce faults and accidents.

As early players in the automotive IoT industry, our solutions offer more advance connected cars and long lasting relationships with customers.

Leverage Benefits of Automotive IoT Solutions

  • Generate Overall Usage Pattern of Your Customers
  • Connected Apps Sends SOS to mYour Contacts in Emergency
  • Maintenance Alerts in Scheduled Interval
  • Realtime Information on Fuel Consumption
  • Smart Analytics Reports
  • Decrease Safety Incidents

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Amar Infotech for Automotive IoT Solutions

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Fleet Management and Vehicle Telematics

Our Predictive & Proactive maintenance solution provides a solution to avoid breakdowns with condition monitoring and accurate prediction of failure. With the help of IoT sensors, we develop actively monitor industry machines and transform insights into historical data to generate preventive analytics.

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In-vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

As an IoT software development company, we ensure all machines can communicate with IoT devices and provide remote asset tracking. Amar Infotech will ensure smooth app-to-device communications and enable remote data monitoring, data warehousing in cloud, emergency alert messaging and other functionality for industry remote asset monitoring platform.

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Cloud Services for Connected Cars

We ensure to reduce energy misuse by providing energy consumption maintenance services. All unnecessary power consumption can be reduced by using our advanced network sensors that keep track of HVAC and lighting control systems.

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Safety and Advanced Driving Assistance

IoT Advanced driving assistance technology keeps drivers and passengers safe with improved driving experience or better overall road safety. As an IoT services, we provide parking assistance, over accelerations and speeding control, seat belt usage tracking, in-lane position control, and collision avoidance.

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Testing and Proactive Maintenance

We generate complete data set from vehicles to generate reports for vehicle failures and service support. Our practical IoT solution for Vehicle testing and maintenance integrates with your vehicle’s sensor, data transmitters, control units and hardware modules. We can generate reports for pre-production vehicle testing, real-time vehicle health monitoring and fault detection and A/B testing for vehicle prototypes.

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