Vehicle to Vehicle Tracking Solution

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Connected cars or Vehicle to Vehicle Tracking System is not a new topic but we are hearing it for a long time. So what Connected cars mean? Many of the automotive companies working very hard on the vehicle to vehicle communication. All this possible because of the Internet of Thing concepts applying to vehicles.

Vehicle Tracking system using IoT is the technology used for specifying the location of vehicles using specific methods like GPS Navigation of vehicles and Bluetooth Low Energy App concepts. The Vehicle driver can monitor the exact location and movement of the vehicle in real-time.

Vehicle tracking system

Vehicle to Vehicle Tracking – The Future

  • Our solution provides all vehicle a device so they have internet access.
  • Sending and receiving data from IoT based device
  • Vehicle to Vehicle communication
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence
  • Providing Vehicles to Infrastructure communication
  • Pre-alerts if high traffic on particular signal and provide information to all connected cars
  • Voice recognition features to unlock your cars
  • Vehicles maintenance predictions
  • Fuel Efficiency Tracking in advance
  • Mobile and web based services and solutions
  • Advance GPS Sensors

Internet of Things provides many new features, like vehicles streaming cameras, driver mobile applications so drivers can communicate with each other more rapidly and easily. It supports third-party APIs for traffic announcements, parking solutions, speed for surrounding vehicles, etc. Our IoT based applications for vehicle tracking provides you complete fleets solution to reduce risk level and enhance your vehicle performance features with enhanced performance.

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