IoT With Event Management

Strategic Design That Gets Results

Amar Infotech provides you mesmerizing experience by providing you Internet of Things(IoT) Event Management services. The event organizers face many hurdles like managing crowd at the event place, unique experience adhering, budget constraints, and many more. The event organizers need to be quick by managing right resources at the right time.

IoT for events technology will remove difficulty from organizing events and provide a unique experience to the event participants. Let’s see how Amar Infotech can be useful for removing events management hustle.

Event management IoT Services

  • Crowd management solutions
  • In-door Navigation by Location based services
  • Gamification and special rewards for attendees
  • Interactive posters
  • Heat map and movements
  • Smart lights
  • Real-time analytics
  • Automated Onsite registration
  • Improved Networking
  • Content delivery
  • Auto Check-In
  • Sponsorships

The more gadgets linked to the internet, the more we can gather information on participants movements at events, which will lead to more targeted and well-organized event management.

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