IoT For Smart Water Management

Strategic Design That Gets Results

Amar Infotech smart water management solution provides you with deep coverage with water conservation and low power consumption services. We all realize that water conservation is a top prime concern for your benefit. our smart water solution will assist you to reduce non-revenue water and operate more income from the investments you’ve already made in your water distribution system.

Amar Infotech intelligent water system for water efficient management delivers smart solutions for water leakage problem across cities. Our system unities and correlates data collected from multiple sources for an integrated view. This views rapid coordinated action enabling insight and control over every facet of water management for water pipe bursts and failure across your city. We have a solution for water distribution system where systems are increasingly prone to pipe bursts, failure. Our IoT based smart water management system will help to find the highest risk of failure at water distribution system.

Our service for IoT based water solution deploying the solution as a service through the mobile app, cloud, and sensors. Powerful analytical tools generated alerts will enable the city’s water utility to quickly pinpoint problem areas. This will manage system pressure before leaks became extreme or pipes burst. A solution will reduce leaks and bursts using pressure management analytics and optimization.

Our capable water platform also distributes actionable data in convenient real time to guide you to increase water conservation and water efficiencies. We announce smart water service solution which concludes smart metering of water, smart water data management and constantly monitoring the distribution of water and control.

IoT For Smart Water Management

Our IoT Water Management Services

Smart water management for Crops

Amar Infotech smart water provides staged, a managed approach for crops management have an ultimate solution for precision Irrigation in Agriculture. Our IoT developers team did a detailed analysis of the management of the crops and further designed the water management system.

Smart crop management system using IoT

Wireless sensors nodes can major Temperature, Humidity, Soil moisture, light intensity, and many more. Our solution provides a reduction in water use with the same yield, check soil and climate variation, analyze field capacity, and notify water waste by use of IoT technology. Smart water management for crops can do wireless monitoring and actuation according to real-time sensor values and can display it in a mobile application.

Smart water management for Houses

Amar Infotech smarter water management system for houses monitors the water quality for tap water and find the leakage and guide you towards the fault. Our advanced system includes IoT Mobile application, cloud, sensors, and industrial water meters to collect, manage and analyze the right data for the water level.

Smart water management for home using IoT

By applying IoT based smart water system for your house, you can help your community by saving lots of water.

Smart water management for Government

The government must have the right data at right time to take care of water needs, We have the ultimate medium to improve water efficiency. Our IoT solution will measure water meter status to calculate the actual utility of water as per the regular needs, get data for chemical leakage spotting for rivers, monitors the water level variations during floods and Tsunami. This solution can help to control seawater pollution and verify the contaminated water.

Smart water management system using IoT

Our smart water management system uses advanced sensors, smart water meters, services with a communication network and software analytics.

Smart water management for Industries

Amar Infotech uses Smart Water meter that can continually measure and describe the volume of water used. We can also help Industries to get data such as water flow, water temperature. Smart IoT based system can rapidly analyze and transmits data to find any failure in water tanks.

Our solution saves the water by monitoring the water level, reduce the level of unnecessary water wastage in Industries. This system gives time to time updates to management so they can control it from anywhere anytime.

Smart water management system using IoT for Industry

By Visualizing your mobile application warns you about the tap open at your house or about the leakage in a pipe. You must be assuming that it is not possible. But, it is fact. By using our smart IoT solutions for water management we can get you impossible things through your smartphones.

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