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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is well known for managing large organizations but it can be equally important to transform a small and medium business into a vibrant organization. Maintaining a customer relationship is essential for every organization whether it has 100 customers or 100,000 customers.

Using CRM & ERP system implementation, it is easy to deal with the most important entity of the business equation. CRM can help you to handle the communication to customers and make it easier to scale your business.

Customer Relationship Management platform enables small and medium business owners to manage several difficulties, such as sales decline, corporate revenue target, client attrition, Sales lead management and their salesperson’s commission policy, and many more.

What Are the Benefits of CRM software for Small and Medium Business?

  • Intelligently store the clients information
  • More digestible formats are used to store existing and potential customers information.
  • More organized workflow for small and medium business.
  • Detailed purchasing dynamics introduced with CRM software.
  • Whole team can have permission to access and edit the clients information and all information is saved in one place.
  • Every salesperson can see when your company last communicated with a client and what was the last conversation.
  • CRM software can allow you to generate various reports of your business automatically.
  • These reports can be used to plan the future of your business.
  • Complete client history can be saved and can be accessed by your company authority.
  • Using diaries and calendars important events and relevant client information can be saved.
  • Time to time reminders can be set and it will suggest when to contact customers.

CRM data benefits and marketing strategy

  • Increased Awareness
  • One of the main features of a CRM application is to provide important information on where leads are in the funnel, and improved sales and marketing activities. Upcoming marketing initiatives such as marketing events or upcoming email campaigns can alert your sales team using CRM applications. Even what important action your customer has taken can also Even more than that, it can alert sales team members to important actions your customers have taken. If they have registered for an upcoming webinar, your sales team might want to send them personalized reminders to attend. Alternatively, your team may only want to reach out with a phone call if the customer attended. Whatever your outreach strategy is, it cannot happen properly without a well-maintained CRM application.

  • Enables Automated Alerts
  • System will become more seamless when you can create triggers and alerts within your CRM. Your team member can be notified every time a particular action happens. For Example, if you want someone who subscribes to your newsletter to receive a call one week later to see how he or she is enjoying it, you can create automated alerts that notify the appropriate team member to make that call. This will help your CRM to trigger useful information when needed. The benefit is increased visibility into leads across both sales and marketing, which can accelerate the sales cycle.

  • Ensures Consistent Messaging
  • CRM also provides small and medium businesses to consistently send messages to customers at appropriate intervals. If someone already subscribes to your newsletter, there is no need to remind the system to send messages, It will automatically send the important newsletter at intervals set by the system. The more targeted your content is, the more value that content will be and the more likely a lead will engage.

  • Provides Holistic Customer Insights
  • Sales and marketing teams can learn to enter accurate and useful data into CRM, they can acquire a more robust understanding of customers. Once a customer will attend your webinar, and the sales team will follow up, they will notice the customer didn’t like the webinar and never wants to attend like it again. This type of information can help all future engagements with the clients. This insight provides us with the context that simple behavioral data, the act of attending a webinar does not offer. As a result, CRM can increase engagement and accelerate sales cycles.

  • Increases Customer Engagement
  • Once you identify your potential customer base by doing elements above in place, you will increase customer engagement. This important insights data stored in your CRM system will help you to listen and understand your customer more effectively. You will start to send the types of messages that will resonate best with your leads, which will increase more engagement.

Things to consider when implementing a CRM plan

  • Do you have time to implement the CRM properly?
  • Small and medium businesses will take a month or two to implement the CRM system properly, whereas enterprises may need six months or more to implement it. They should implement slowly and carefully, making sure each team has adjusted to it before going to the next step.

  • Make sure you and your team know how to use it.
  • Your team will require 2 to 3 month training to understand and use the CRM system.

  • Do you need every single feature offered by a CRM?
  • Not all features are useful for your business, some of them are a waste of money for your particular needs. Finding a custom CRM system, which will fit your needs is important. Find a custom CRM web development company.

  • Make sure you know the total cost of your CRM.
  • Before building a customized solution, it is important to know what it will charge. It can be the upfront charges, monthly charges or hourly based charges.

  • Ensure that the CRM works on mobile devices and can be accessed remotely.
  • Sales employees do not necessarily use the CRM application from their desks, it needs to be used and updated remotely.

  • If you’re leaving one CRM system for another one, how easy is it to transfer you existing data?
  • The system data should keep information encrypted and transferable from one system to another when needed.

  • Does your hardware have the correct minimum requirements for the system you’re interested in?
  • Your hardware should support the minimum needs for the CRM system you want to develop.

  • Will it work for Outlook, Gmail or whichever email provider your company uses?
  • It should integrate with the email service provider your business needs.

  • Does your CRM have full social media integration?
  • If you are in marketing, nowadays it’s difficult to find leads if you are not properly integrating your system with social channels.

  • Do you have a fully CRM trained business analytics team that can study and understand the data and reports the system will generate?
  • Hire Business Analysts team to implement a structured plan for your existing data before implementing a new system.

  • Can the system be easily updated, guaranteeing that it won’t become redundant in the near future?
  • Make sure you hire a CRM developer team to update the system timely. The team will ensure the system will run smoothly.

List of Best Free CRM Software 2020

  • Zoho
  • Zendesk
  • Microsoft Dynamic CRM
  • SuiteCRM
  • Sap CRM
  • Odoo
  • IQMS
  • JivoChat
  • HubSpot
  • Freshworks
  • Agile CRM
  • Bitrix24
  • OpenKM
  • Zendesk Guide

List of Best Free CRM Software 2020

If you are using a generic customer management platform, you may not be able to find your industry-specific solution and support from the platform. For increasing ROI and improved customer experience, you need to have a complete and advanced system that suits your unique business requirements.

Tailor-made customer relationship development allows you to draw comprehensive business insights, analyze your market, customize your marketing and sales campaigns, automate your marketing workflow and use advanced reporting features for forecasting and analytics. Thus, you can make your business strategies work for your profitability, get attuned to your customers and end-users in a better way.

Amar Infotech is an end-to-end business solution provider with custom ERP, CRM, and other business software modules. As a Custom CRM development company, Amar Infotech has expertise in understanding the business process and offers fully customizable features to make your systems highly adaptive and increase usage with teams to generate the most effective results and helps teams in decision making.