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In recent years, Virtual Reality(VR) technology has transformed the wide range of industries from sports, gaming, filmmaking, concerts, museum tours, online shopping, travel, and tourism. In the travel and tourism industry, tourism destinations can be captured by using virtual reality in a unique and immersive way. These virtual reality travel experiences using services for airlines, hotels, or car rentals are a marvellous way of giving your company brand an extra dimension.

What is Virtual Reality (VR) Technology?

Virtual Reality technology is an interactive way of playing with our visual perception and senses like the sense of touch, with computer-generated immersion into a simulated digital environment. These experiences can be achieved using devices such as VR headset, regular computer, and mobile devices.

Using Virtual reality, viewers can explore the entire 360 degrees of sense, it can be generated using the interactive images, videos and sounds. VR can generate amazing experiences which will turn your imagination to reality. VR production captures the whole part of the location which is the opposite of the regular video taken from only a fixed viewpoint. VR technology is a beneficial tool marketing travel products, hotel rooms and flights.

As a travel or hotel agency, with VR elements on your mobile apps or website, you can create unique customer experiences.

Virtual Reality in the Travel Industry

VR Applications in the Travel Industry

In the Travel Industry, Exotic tourist destinations can be captured using VR technology. Many different kinds of applications have been built using VR and one of the best examples among them is the VR travel applications. Virtual Reality is an amazing tool for travel experiences which allows the user to imagine themselves at a travel destination. It has also become a popular tool among the travel and hotel agencies for effective marketing.

Virtual reality is transforming the travel industry by primarily focusing to sell rooms, book flights, and sell travel products based on the experiences. This allows travel companies to focus on customer centric marketing. The possibilities of Virtual Reality in the travel industry are endless.

Virtual Tours of Hotels

The customer buying decisions can be improved using VR applications, which allows them to virtually look into the rooms before booking a hotel. It is kind of like trying before actually buying the product, which makes it the primary benefit of VR technology. The hotel owner can provide the virtual version of a hotel’s amenities, and attractions. It is a more powerful experience than just looking at the images and customer reviews on the website. Customers usually research about the hotel in brief before buying, this technology will shorten the process and provide virtual tours of hotel rooms and hotels before arriving.

Virtual Tours of Destinations

VR technology opens the door for travel agents by allowing them to create a virtual experience for a wide range of travel landmarks and destinations. The user can experience what it’s like to be at tourist destinations before booking the tour. This means that users will get the temptation by viewing the sample of some of the main attractions that are beneficial for travel agencies.

For instance, a hotel in Agra may be able to provide a virtual experience of what it likes at the Taj Mahal, and a hotel near the theme park may provide the virtual roller-coaster experience. These will surely increase tourism in your area. The virtual reality technology will definitely maximize customer engagements and customer-centric marketing methods. It is the game-changer for the travel and tourism industry by allowing visitors to virtually visit a place before making the final decision.

Virtual Reality of Things to Do Experiences

Virtual Reality comes with many great things, travel agencies can market their product by showing Things to do activities in advance. Customers can see the activities they are going to do during an upcoming trip. These activities can be from family attractions, national parks and outdoor adventure to cosmopolitan cities. The hardest part of planning the trip is figuring out what to do on the upcoming trip. Virtual enabled devices can help the customers to choose the activities and fill out their Itinerary.

Virtual Booking Interface

Travel technology giants such as Amadeus will use virtual reality for the booking process in the near future. They are testing how travel booking and searching could work using virtual reality technology. Besides just choosing the vacation spots using virtual reality, some tech giants are focusing on taking this technology to some other level. Virtual booking interface offering the entire booking process and user interface through VR headset.

Using VR Technology, Travellers will be able to select a destination, date, and seat for the flight. Once you have all set for the trip, customers can select the payment method and virtually book the flights. These will change the way travellers will purchase the trips, It will help the travel companies to become the next generation retailers.

Virtual Reality for Travel Agencies

Travel agencies VR applications can offer prospective clients in-store virtual experiences. It will change customer interest to visit the travel agency. Travel agents can show virtually unable destinations and hotels before booking. It will quickly gain general public interest by looking at the places and hotels before visiting the place. Many travel agencies have enabled VR technology and have used it to improve sales, as well as to gain brand exposure.

How VR can take you further?

  • Transform your digital presence
  • It will transform your digital presence which will resonate across the multiple platforms from web applications, mobile applications, and VR goggles.

  • Create deeper customer engagement
  • It will capture the customer engagement and imaginations by providing 360° immersive video experience to enable honest and compelling perspectives.

  • Reach new audiences
  • Ramp up your sales using social sharing using VR enabled platforms like youtube and facebook.

  • Nurture qualified leads
  • Try-before-you-buy approach will enable the customer interest and make things fun which will get some qualified leads.

  • Accelerate sales
  • Accelerate your sales cycle and frequency by providing immersive and personalized VR enabled booking solutions.

    VR Applications in the Travel Industry

    Virtual Reality in the Travel Industry

    Finally, virtual reality is offering hotels, travel agents, and other businesses within the tourism industry the opportunity to provide prospective customers with a virtual travel experience. Virtual Reality advancements will continue to surprise and possibilities of virtual reality in the tourism industry are endless.

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