If you are looking 100% Object oriented code with Latest PHP feature, late static binding, lambda functions, namely namespaces than zend framework is best choice. It’s offer advanced model view controller (MVC) implementation.

Its important to know all salient feature of Zend before give a label of Best php framework 2016.

  • Web & CLI Programming : ZF2 is uesed to write CLI scripts
  • MVC Components : mvc is oldest popular architecture model helps. Its divides a given application into three internally representations part – Model, View & Controller. This framework used MVC model.
  • Loosely coupled : Zend have own component library which one help you to choose to use only one or a subset of components available within the framework
  • Quality : Zend Framework was developed using industry best practices and proven object oriented design patterns with extendable components feature.
  • Extend Classes : You can easily extend Zend Library with your custom solution for your unique product.

There are other lots of feature available on ZF. please review Zend Framework official website to get details information.

Zend development services

What we do

  • Zend Website Design & Development
  • Zend customisation portal development.
  • Migration from ZF2 to ZF3
  • software migration to zend framework
  • Zend Application optimization for High Volume Traffic
  • Hire Zend Framework Developers & Programmers

Our Successful application is running in below domain :

  • Global Retail E-Commerce Store
  • Software solutions for the Travel & Tourism industry
  • Custom Industrial Manufacturing Solutions
  • Aviation industry software
  • Healthcare Mobility solution
  • Data analysis and interpretation Solution

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