Education paths and trends would ride the waves with requirements of higher bandwidth and Internet capabilities by incorporating advanced technologies into the schools with effective ease. Two major trends in technology getting implemented are Virtual and Augmented technologies. Technology will be changing the due course of higher education as educators are using every aspect of technology in classrooms and massive online courses.

Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the face of lots of industries and the education sector is also untouched from it. It was impossible for the education sector to continue in traditional means. Without a perfect classroom, it is in the hands of policy makers, academicians and technocrats to bring about efficient and effective ways to fill the gaps between teachers and students. The change has brought out major opportunities for educational app companies to come up with innovative ideas. According to a survey, Edtech is growing, with the market value of around $52 billion in current year.

Battle Between Tech and Traditional

In recent years flipping of classrooms has become a trend- and may be considered to be a radical change in how students are absorbing information. The new model is eliminating homework, by empowering students to work collaboratively on task during their class time.

Overall Model of learning is disrupting the status Quo of the traditional way of learning, and is increasing the time for children’s screen space which is quite detrimental. There has been an evident increase in tech-free or low-tech schools which believe that human interaction is paramount for keeping children excited and engaged in learning.

Educational App – Innovation for Learning

In case you are planning to go ahead with grabbing the opportunity of exploring the educational market in that case should check out the following Educational App. The educational App should be efficient and revenue generating. The app is going to benefit both the Users I.e. Teacher and Students. It would be providing some additional facilities which would bring marginal difference in the Education Sector.

Educational App – Innovation for Learning
  • Tutor App or Private Tutor

    With the increase in educational requirements, students are shifting towards facilities of on-line. In this App, the student is interacting across digital networks with experts. Students have the option of challenging teachers and students could easily and quickly solve their questions in this manner. Students could seek notes from experts through Tutor App or Private App. Parents or students could contact the tutor via app and talk to them directly. Tutors are available on Demand as per student’s requirement.

  • Quiz and Education Games App

    Kids and children do love to play and learn things. One of the exciting apps which could enhance their skill would be Quiz and Educational games. It helps students of each age group. It could apply to problems for logic, grammar and General Knowledge. There are numerous categories of games which could be selected by students based on their interest.

  • Preparation for Exam Apps

    The app does consist of myriad of questions which are revolving around specific test for which student is preparing. Solutions are also available for analysing and rectification of their mistakes. Apart from sharing the marks or grades, app provides the target of areas for improvement. With help of the Mock Tests, the Preparation exam app offers the simulated environment with a pattern of tests, making scheme and duration similar to actual tests. For explaining important and crucial tests, the app uses flash cards or similar functionalities.

  • To Ace Learning- Memorization App

    Initially they do check the cognitive abilities of the candidates with regards to brain and memory training. Due to which they could provide the appropriate level of solution for you. In a single application, users would be able to check multiple games which are smaller in size and every game having a unique objective such as attention, analytical skills and improving memory. Students are allowed to select the level of difficulties of games. There are few apps which move the user to the next level once he clears the current level. They have the functionality to share the score on the social Networking sites as well.

  • Educational app –AR

    Developing an app to make students learn things in an innovative and unique manner. Teachers could use it for catching the attention of students and help them to enhance science lessons with experiments by giving realistic experience. With Educational App- AR, students could learn about Solar systems, Universe and every planet in detail. New technologies are growing each day for changing lifestyle. Students would be able to explain concepts in an intense pattern.

  • Community application for Students

    It’s planned only for students. It allows students from different schools and universities to come together to solve issues and communicate with each other. It’s designed to make students interact with the same age group and relax. It enables the candidates to communicate quickly and interact with students regarding their topics and seek solutions.

  • Quick learning or Exam Fever App

    Exams are always nerve reckoning and children do fear from it. To overcome the fear of exams a quick learning or exam fever app could be developed. It would help students to learn things in a simple manner during the exam durations. It would focus on chapters which are crucial and should not be missed by them for revision. App would connect with students through chats, video calls and constant reminders.

  • App-for Performance Tracking

    Its major target is colleges and universities who are willing to track records of students. So that parents could get their appropriate behaviour, attendance and performance. Parents could get an overall report of students in whole years. Parents could also connect with their children’s professor for discussion with progress.

  • Children with Autism- App

    The application would help such kids to learn more and quickly with new options every day. It could also help parents to check on ways to help kids with numerous activities which could enhance skills of their kids.

  • Enhancing Language- App

    It helps the individual understand a specific language beyond it. Slowly and slowly it’s going to increase your vocabulary. One such example is Duolingo which helps students learn various languages online. Students will be able to learn lots of languages such as Spanish, Germany, Chinese, English or via fun games that could enhance grammar and vocabulary. By just spending 20 minutes’ students could learn a new language.

How are Educational Apps Helpful?

Academicians and companies are moving towards apps because of ample benefits. List of advantages with respect to Educational app are as under :

  • Knowledge dispersion is speeded up
  • Enhances audience reach
  • Increases Engagement
  • Collaboration is Enhanced
  • Readymade solutions with innovation
  • Quick and easy communication

What features should be collaborated in Educational Apps?

Consistent use of the application could help students in self-governing and improving their skills by interacting with experts. Features of Educational Apps are as under :

  • Interactive sessions with live tutorials
  • Mock test and continuous practice
  • Course activities and push notifications
  • Multilingual
  • Progress of achievements and tracking
  • Dashboard for parents and students.
  • Management of Attendance
  • Gamification
  • Integration with social media
  • UX/UI of app
  • Reviews and Feedback

Cost for Developing Educational App?

Finalizing and intimating an educational app has never been an easy task, as there are a wide range of factors influencing the cost of development which includes- features, complexity, functionality, selection of Operating systems, cost of development team and development time. For further queries can contact

Why Go with Amar InfoTech?

We are expert’s IT team working into Mobile technologies and App building. We do follow the following steps to get the development rolling out. The steps are as under :

  • Conceptualization :It’s considered to be an essential part in development of any project. We interact with clients and then sit together to bring forward concepts.
  • Brainstorming :We derive the ideas from the team to conceptualize the idea. Over here a major part is played by creativity and perfection in technology. Once an idea comes out we check out whether it’s going to be productive or not.
  • Execution :In such a stage the work takes a front foot and things start shaping rapidly. It’s referred to as the coding phase which is divided into different modules and a specific team is allocated with assigned tasks.
  • Refining :Once the project is completed, it goes for the Quality analysis and tested thoroughly. Several parameters of testing are taken care of, as we believe in delivering the best from our end.
  • Final closure :Once the project is tested it’s ready out for delivery. We do seek a demo with regards to checking whether the UX/UI is perfect with regards to the project. However, we are in continuous contact with the client if he is having any concerns or all’s running successfully.

Wrapping Up

We got the opportunity to thank the technology, the learning industry of education which has grown dramatically in the past 2 decades. It is further growing with higher approachability and enhanced applications which are catering to the requirements of all age groups of students. Educational Apps would be making learning quite easy and fun filled. The above highlighted Educational Apps will surely prove valuable and motivating factors for learners across the globe. In case if you liked any of the ideas of the Educational apps, then can seek help from our development team who are expert in handling such stuff.