Amar Infotech Helps CRM91 Team for Building Sales Automation Application


CRM91 sales lead management mobile application designed for efficient and simplified management of sales, marketing, and support. It is one-stop solution for all types of businesses needs to manage their leads, orders with Stages and Milestones to keep the sales process on track, billings and single page customer management.

CRM91 mobile app focused to track important sales and marketing opportunities, increase the lead to deal conversation rates, take your business with you everywhere, on your mobile, Engage with other Leads via live chat and automation messaging services, email, phone, through social media and even in person. Businesses can reach a dramatically higher ROI with complete customer views with chronological views of contact information, sales tracks, real-time alerts, and deep analytics.

CRM Sales Automation App allows the sales team to spend less time on data entry and more time on selling. Sales Team can also get real-time notification, reports, and insights on Leads through CRM91 Mobile Dashboard.


  • CRM91 sales automation app lets client companies measure new sales, leads, orders, and complex information.

  • to create an app that generates clear visualizations of very complex data, empowering customer data to make better management.

  • The mobile app dashboard should display total leads, leads by the funnel, leads by source.

  • Daily user check-in/checkout should display on the mobile app.

  • Manage new leads by adding leads information, timeline, follow up, contacts, note, order, sales, ticket, document.

  • The customer timeline should provide all necessary information about the customer’s journey.

  • A user can also manage new ticket and discussion with the ticket management feature.

  • View and generate important reports for all customer data available.

  • Allow a user to view Leads Near, Leads Profile and Map View.

Value Delivered

Overview of Our Work

Our Client wanted us to build a CRM (Sales Automation App) based application for Android that will allow a user to access to Lead information, receive sales notifications, find nearby Leads, create Tasks and more. In Mobile App captures most of Sales solution in a single application; Manage Leads, Provide Customer Support, Call Management, Send Emails, Live Chat, and more from your smartphone.

Mobile App Design and Layout

Combining the powerful CRM platform with our expertise in mobile application development, a CRM91 app was developed to serve sales lead generation and other solutions. So, it had to be extremely user-friendly therefore the app layout designed in a way that everyone can easily understand. We also integrated material colors, icons, and fonts that figured a lot of intensity in design from a professional perspective.

Live Chats and Messages

CRM91 Sales Automation App is a key to achieve business deliverables, It also provides each and each leads information with a detailed understanding of what they need via live chat, messages, and emails.

Customer Data, Reports, and Lead Synchronize

A customer relationship management application makes it possible to assemble customer data, various business reports and lead synchronizes whenever the user logs in.

SMS and Email Module

Due Sales & Invoice Reminder, Task Reminder, Ticket Reminder, Note Reminder and Follow Up Reminder by SMS and Email.

Customer Order and Sales

Mobile app stores essential milestones of a customer order to keep the sales process on track and Order Management by managing Orders and invoices

Task Reminder

Daily Reminder for Follow up, Feed, Due Sales, Due Invoices, Ticket Reminder, Task Reminder, Note Reminder and Follow up.

Live Customer Tracking

The mobile app shows your customers around you whenever you are visiting other places in the CRM91 map.

Product UI



  • CRM91 is the world’s most user-friendly CRM mobile application which is customizable for any industry, gives real-time insight about your sales, marketing and packed with many features to keep you informed and take the right decisions at the right time.

  • CRM91 mobile app running perfectly satisfied all client’s requirements.


Gujarat, India



“Highly recommend! Communication was excellent throughout the whole project. They listened to my suggestions and questions, implemented the changes and sought my feedback to ensure my needs had been met. Very efficient and friendly service.”