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The direct bridge between the employee and the company is CRM. When most of the companies started increasing their revenue there were needs of hiring new employee’s. In order to keep a track of the employee’s and the work distributed among them, need arise of the software which can keep the track of their relations with the company.

With the same motto Salesforce came into existence. Within the short amount of time from its date of introduction it became one of the most popular CRM and was listed among the top 27 companies in Fortune 100 companies in the current year 2012.

    SalesForce CRM is broken down into several major categories further just as:

  • Sales Cloud

  • Service Cloud

  • Data Cloud

  • Collaboration Cloud

  • Custom Cloud

In India itself it acquires 42% of the total users which itself shows its popularity. It has more than 65000 customers in India according to the report on June 2012. From the time it came into the market in 1999 year by year it keeps on upgrading with new features and new services which provides more features and more user friendliness to its end users.

Today almost all of the major Business needs a software to manage its existing and future clients and the most convenient and easy handling is must, as some time due to over loaded content and data it becomes hard to manage and also there are chances of data loss or time consuming in data retrieving, but above all Salesforce provide the best advantage in this case and gives greater relief to its valuable customers.

In near future, in coming few years it has to face no competition as its popularity is tremendous and bit difficult to beat by some newbie.