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Global tourism has increased exponentially over the past 60 years. As travelling has become more accessible, it has never been easier to learn about the world and connect with people of different cultures. But with restrictions put in place in an attempt to contain the global coronavirus pandemic, destinations that are usually swarming with visitors look very different now.

Governments have warned against non-essential travel and the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, India and other all countries have stopped foreign arrivals altogether. With an increasing number of places in lockdown, many tourists had to cancel their holidays, while others have been left stranded abroad.

What can you do if you find yourself in those situations? Here are some answers from The Travel Tech Company.

“Business has literally come to a standstill and everyone is bleeding in an already challenging business scenario. Even if the Covid-19 cases decline, the recovery will still take at least 8-10 months. Private stakeholders alone will not be able to recover without financial relief from the government,”

For the Indian tourism industry, summer is the prime season for both domestic and international tourists.

Now, with the total number of coronavirus positive cases crossing over ten lakh worldwide, summer looks grim for the industry. The total number of positive cases in India has crossed 4000.

Things Every Small-to-Medium Travel Agency Should Do To Boost Business in Lockdown Period

What should every travel agency be doing now to ensure that their business maintains its viability and continues to grow?

1) Are you online?

Build up a Web presence. The Internet is the manner in which most customers will search for the administrations of trip specialists, and the most ideal approach to arrange and publicize. A quality site that is anything but difficult to explore and outwardly great will stick out. Utilizing internet based life systems to share tips and travel data can help set up an operator as an ideal chief in their field, just as associate with potential customers, answer questions and construct a reputation.

2) Specialize

Pick an area of travel that you can and want to be a specialist in. With everybody ready to do essential trip specialist undertakings, for example, looking on the Internet for exercises and settlement, trip specialists become valuable by offering bundles that are more diligently for the normal individual to think about, find and set up. Concentrate on only a couple of goals or sorts of excursions, and be a specialist on those.

3) Mark your presence in the customer’s mind

Nowadays, social media is an incredible platform to keep your customers engaged. You can impart significant and tempting substance to the clients and keep them educated. This will likewise offer you an opportunity to procure a few surveys and tributes. A decent commitment with the clients implies you have to have an individual methodology towards your customers and keep them side by side of your arrangements and administration offers.

4) Focus on your advertising strategies

Promoting is an extraordinary device that must be utilized in a cunning manner during the slow time of year. You can focus on online marketing strategies like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Newsletters or even send a Postal Template may also work for you. A low-spending recreation trip during the slow time of year would be an extraordinary method to measure the client in your business pipe. You can also make level oriented advertising like marketing through the newspaper for a local tour and for an international, luxurious trip, using an elite magazine promotion.

5) Maintain a high standard of quality

Take a stab at quality. The best way to separate a business in any market is to push it towards being as well as can be expected be. Recognizing values and keeping up respectability to those can be a decent method to manufacture a quality reputation as a trip specialist. Constantly take a shot at discovering approaches to satisfy customers.

6) Technology

Technology can be a driving factor in helping you to imagine your travel agency’s offering in the near future gradually. Don’t overlook it! Amar Infotech, better known as a travel tech company can guide you on the latest trends in online travel business. Here you should know which B2C & B2B travel players in your regions and what their offerings are. Think actively on Extranet solutions for your own contracted properties, tours or activities OR Third Party API Integrations for more inventories. Here business representatives of Amar Infotech can guide you with more details. Lets Keep in touch.

Boost Up Your Travel Business with Technology Solutions Offered By Amar Infotech

Travel Business with Technology Solutions

1) Fully White Label Website & Apps

White Label Integration template solution gives an easy way for travel agencies to go live on the online internet market with your own brand. Here very little technical knowledge is required, you just have to sign-up for white label affiliation & link your domain with them. And the site gets live in a few mins with their own default templates. Here many providers give you site editor tools where you can set your own header/footer and change color themes as per your own logo. White label travel website should be your first step if you are coming from an offline and traditional travel business and want to transform online. There are many white label suppliers there in the market. For e.g. Travelpayouts, Skyscanner, HotelCombined, Travelstart, Viator etc.

2) Third Party API Integration

Once you already have an online identity in the market, and you are not satisfied with commission based business through a fully white label, you can go with third party API integration and work on markup basis. Amar Infotech offered XML API Integration services with a specialized team attached to perform the required tasks. We can help you with XML API integration services with multiple GDS/OTAs API suppliers available in the world market. We can also help you in implementing various B2B/B2C or B2E sales channels to expand your business.

3) Travel Extranet Solutions

Here extranet is a wider concept than simply third party API Integration. If you have your own contracted products, I mean properties, tours or activities then extranet would be the right thing for you to make it live. Travel Extranet Solutions is a booking engine which enables administrators to manage real time availability & pricing with ease and comfort. The module enables the travel agencies to gather and manage their own contracted hotels, tours or activities suppliers, which they can subsequently make available to other customers through B2B or B2C sales channels or as XML API. Here later on once you have enough inventories in your pocket, you can tie up with the channel manager to make it available on various GDS/OTAs as well.

4) Travel CMS & Offline Booking

If you are not looking for big things like Third Party APIs integration or Extranet Solutions, then a normal CMS(Content Management System) website can also help you to generate online revenue. With Amar Infotech’s Travel CMS solutions, you can easily convert and manage all of your offline inventories online which gives you an instant way to showcase your travel products, services and itineraries right to the world of internet users.

5) SEO & Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is the end of our services and is targeted at the media or audience. It is all about optimizing your website and online presence to rank higher in Search Engines. Social Media Optimization involves making and distributing content over the social networking sites. Here target based paid advertisement, on Google Ad words or Facebook Ads, also required lots of knowledge & expertise to decide how to spend your money wisely and get maximum outcome in terms of ROI.


No worries, Travel Business will bounce back once we come out with this pandemic safely. Still then “Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Inspired” and use this time to introspect, imagine and define your business strategies for the coming future.