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As a part of aviation billing, operators(airlines) need to pay various type of charges towards CAA and Airport authorities. It can be for Air Navigation, Safety and Security Regulations, Airport Services or Ground Handling.

How It Works?

Here generally CAA / ANSP gives 30-60 days credit towards operators. So first collects all the flight movements(Landings and En-routes) data for the whole month. and generate an invoices all together for the operators at starting of next month. Still operators get time up to 30 Days to pay for the Invoices. Here invoice batch processing suites best for processing and internal audit and accounting.

CAA / ANSP can introduce automation to collect flight data by interfacing with Radar Data Processing (RDPS), Flight Data Processing (FDPS) and AMHS / AFTN systems to ensure accurate billing of airspace usage.

Automation and batch processing of invoices increase revenue of up to 30% by reducing invoice production and payment receipt timescales.

Why Batch Processing in Aviation Billing?

  • Increase revenue by accessing multiple sources of flight information to ensure all eligible flight movements are invoiced appropriately all together
  • Shorten the time from invoicing to payment receipt by reducing contested invoices through accurate and evidence-based invoicing
  • Reduce the internal costs of billing activities through the automation and streamlining of processes
  • Further increases revenue through the provision of flexible online billing to prepay or resolve overdue payments

Where we can use Batch Processing?

  • Flight Movements(Landing and En-routes Air Navigation) Charges
  • Airport Passenger Service Charges(APSC)
  • Passenger Safety Charges (PSC)
  • Cargo Safety Charges (CSC)
  • Various Airport Service Charges
  • Various Ground Handling Charges

Contact Amar InfoTech representative for more details on implementing best practices for aviation billing with invoice batch processing.