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What is Bluetooth 5.0?

Global wireless technology continues to advance the IoT (Internet Of Things) experiences with the launch of Bluetooth 5. It doubles the speed, boosts broadcast messaging capacity by 800%, and increase range 4 times.

Earlier when you put down your headphone on the desk and if you want to move around, it got disconnected. But due to this Latest Bluetooth 5, this will not happen anymore.

Goal of Bluetooth 5

The main goal of Bluetooth 5 is ” To increase the overall quality of the connections and the interoperability of these connections.”

Bluetooth SIG History Timeline

Making Bluetooth a better option for the growing number of Internet of Things devices trying to fill up your home. The reliability of Bluetooth connections has been the major problematic thing so Bluetooth 5 comes as a remedy for this poor connections.

Improved Features of Bluetooth 5

1) Adoption of Beacon devices:

Beacons are small wireless devices that are fitted into Bluetooth 5 which constantly transmit radio waves. Beacons devices decrease the chances of poor connection.

2) Increased number of “Advertising packets”:

This increased number of AP makes Bluetooth 5 more reliable. As it asks the name of a device before pairing it. The increased number of packets should allow the pairing process to be a faster, more reliable action, which will also help out with the stability of the connection.

3) Better IOT :

Bluetooth 5 offers the flexibility to make IoT solutions better because of 2x speed, 4x range 8x data capacity. It offers better IoT connection as the range increased up to 4 times. So not only home but whole building, industry, factory, office surrounding would be possible to connect properly.

4) Available Everywhere:

It includes update which helps to reduce interference of other wireless technologies as Bluetooth devices can coexist within the increasingly complex global IoT environment. It matches the install base of Bluetooth technology with over 10 billion devices which no other wireless device can provide ever.

5) Improved Location Awareness:

This feature provides users with personalized experiences. Bluetooth always roams with a device. Bluetooth can provide more granularity. Every cell tower’s location is fixed and typically has a known, highly precise set of coordinates available.

6) Better Audio Quality:

As speed is increased it would be possible to have better sound quality than its earlier version. The stereo sound would become possible in speakers. And fewer chances of disturbance and connection failure.

Better Audio Quality in bluetooth 5 [Image Credit:- ]

7) Location based services:

This wireless technology also improves location based services. Now moving around not only your home but in a shopping mall would also possible for you without breaking the connections.

8) Quick data transfer:

Data transfer speed has increased 8 times, so much more data transfer would possible in short time.

Core specifications of Bluetooth 5

1) Bluetooth ER/ EDR

Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR), made it easier for consumers to connect Bluetooth devices.

2) Bluetooth with low energy functionality

This specification is developed for IoT better experiences. Due to low energy facility, it will continue for longer time duration without breakups. And even on cell and batteries, it can run for longer time.

3) Dual mode

It provides a reliable connection over a long range with minimum power consumption.

How does it work?

how bluetooth 5 works

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A Bluetooth is a wireless device technology which uses radio waves for the connection of two devices. Bluetooth can be fitted with a watch, smartphones, headsets etc. It holds tiny computer chip which makes easy to connect to another device.

When two devices want to connect with each other they require being paired. This communication can be possible for short ranges and on ad hoc connections. It establishes master and slave relation when two devices need to be paired.

Master device will show available proxy connections and data transfer would become possible if a slave device accepts to connect to the master device. With the improved features, Bluetooth will do all these processes very quickly and the connection would become more reliable due to increased advertising packets.

How IOT will get best results with Bluetooth 5?

Bluetooth 5 has increased range which means Bluetooth 5 will be able to connect an entire home, flat or even small buildings. Indoor navigation is also possible in areas such as shopping centers. Some shopping centers already offer this service, but with Bluetooth 5, tracking location would become more precise. With the extra range feature, moving in home or office and talk with each other become easy now.

Multi-purpose Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth helps to connect the devices and people across the variety of markets. It can be useful in various industries like Automotive, Home Automation, Consumer Electronics, Medical and Health, Mobile phones and Smartphones, Wearables, Sports and Fitness, PC & peripherals etc. It also provides location-based and retail services.

And Here Comes..The most important part for all of us.


This membership gives license to use Bluetooth technology and we can become part of SIG (Special Interest Group) as an adopter member. This adopter membership is free and we are able to gain license for globally recognized product Bluetooth 5. And we can immediately enjoy adopter member benefits.

Advantages for its members:

1) Brand identification

Bluetooth itself is great identification in wireless device technology. If your brand connects with this technology it can achieve wonders. As you can get benefits of Bluetooth adopter member which you can deliver to your customers as well.

2) Developer’s help desk

It offers webinars, white papers to learn more about this Bluetooth technology. Free tools include the Bluetooth developer starter kit, Bluetooth developer studio and more developer resources.

3) Valuable Partnerships and Collaborations

This membership gives you a chance to connect with millions of people which are in the same field. You can get a chance to learn from them and connect with them personally. You can also get the advantage of qualified listing.

4) Support

SIG member will get the benefit of learning entire wireless technology along with tools and resources. Continuous support will be there for understanding its functionalities properly.

Release date of Bluetooth 5

Release date of Bluetooth 5

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It’s already launched in the market in December 2016. And it is already available in many of latest devices. Samsung is leading in adopting this technology. Recently Samsung Galaxy s8 and Samsung Galaxy s8 plus having this technology. The earlier update came on December 2, 2014, with Bluetooth 4.2.

This is all about Bluetooth 5 and its updated features. Wireless network devices must pass from cut-throat competition with the launch of this updated Bluetooth 5.