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Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, there has been a constant surge in the online deliveries of groceries and other items. Here, instead of visiting local shops & supermarkets and touching the items, people prefer to order online and get their required services delivered at home. Well, after a lot of anticipation & brainstorming, we have curated a list of the best hyperlocal delivery app ideas. These ideas will put customer’s preferences first ( a major requirement), allowing them to live a more convenient and tech-enhanced lifestyle.

What is a Hyperlocal business?

Hyperlocal businesses are the one where one wants to build a local ecosystem that enables customers to buy anything from their neighborhood stores. Hyperlocal refers to all businesses in your vicinity, the nearby General merchant, Restaurant, Market, Mall and other products and service providers.

How is Hyperlocal business different from eCommerce?

The easiest way to differentiate between the two is to check if they have your regular shops listed with them, instead of the brands.

Your local service providers, Kirana stores, restaurants, etc. are listed on the Hyperlocal apps and users can track their orders in real-time.

eCommerce businesses offer brands, national and international to everybody, not restricting the distribution to geographical boundaries.

What is a Hyperlocal model of delivery and how does it work?

In the Hyperlocal delivery model, the provider acquires the requested product from the local or nearby shops registered with them and delivers them to the clients. These clients are from the same geographical location.

The entire process can be monitored by the clients in real-time.

Products offered can be Grocery, Food, Service Providing Professionals, etc.

Grocery App Development Business Model

Steps to build a hyperlocal delivery network

  • Select your industry based on its development potential, market size, degree of competition, and so on.
  • Select a particular niche in the industry, target market, and your resources
  • Identify your target audience and devise a strategy to market your service
  • Build a partnership with local businesses and delivery companies
  • Plan your revenue flows based on commission from merchant partners and delivery charges from customers
  • Finally, find a technology partner or on-demand app development services

Features required for a Hyperlocal app

Let’s take a look at the core features that should be there in an on-demand hyperlocal delivery app.

  • Auto-detection of customer’s location
  • Multiple online payment methods
  • Shipment scheduling
  • Product filtering based on location
  • Social sharing options
  • Reviews and ratings for products and services

Seller Dashboard Panel

  • New Seller : It allows new sellers to register themselves and create a seller account to start offering products and services to customers.
  • Product Management : Here seller gets the option to add new products/services, upload pictures, edit a product description.
  • View Orders : This feature enables sellers to view complete order information and manage it. And further, assign it to the delivery agent to fulfill the order.
  • Analytics : With this feature, sellers can view the latest orders, total revenues in the form of graphs and charts.

Customer Panel

  • Live Chat System : This feature lets customers get a live chat communication system, and get a solution to their queries.
  • Push Notifications : It helps customers to get the information about any updates related to their order.
  • Order History : Customers get the information to view last order, transaction history, refunds, and other details through the app portal.
  • Order tracking : This feature allows customers to get real-time information and GPS location about the delivery agent and track the package
  • Multiple Payment Methods : In this feature, customers get the option to pay through different payment methods, they can pay through eWallet, debit card, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pat, or COD, to simplify the payment process.
  • Reviews & Ratings : With this feature, customers can leave feedback and reviews.

The most successful and profitable hyperlocal business ideas in 2022 are:

Hyperlocal Groceries Business

Guide to Why and How to Start an Online Grocery Store

Every household requires groceries as it is an essential requirement for daily life. At such a time open in a grocery business or a Kirana shop can be beneficial as the demand for this will never go down.

You can sell items like pulses, flour, grains, sugar, salt, rice, etc. to begin with. Having an inventory for snacks like chips, biscuits, etc. is also a viable option.

You can sell items like pulses, flour, grains, sugar, salt, rice, etc. to begin with. Having an inventory for snacks like chips, biscuits, etc. is also a viable option.

Medicine Business

On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Development

Medicines are an all-time necessity. Everyone is looking for alternatives to avoid going to the store. Today, starting with your own medicine or pharmaceutical delivery business can be a good idea for your new venture.

E-pharmacies have become a common concept in India in the past few years. Now, the need is greater than ever. With a vast population of elderly people and individuals with chronic diseases, you have a chance to set up a local market and provide your customers with essential medicines. Unfortunately, in India, over 20% of the population suffers from chronic diseases. With medicine delivery, you can make life-saving drugs accessible to millions.

As some medicines like insulin and other hormone-based drugs require you to maintain temperature-controlled storage, providing a hyperlocal delivery within a few hours is the best option.

Start by conducting market research and analyze which medicines are in most demand in your area. You can also opt in to sell nutraceutical and ayurvedic drugs to have a good reach. But make sure all these fall under the guidelines specified by the government.

Personal care items

Beauty and Personal Care Store

Personal care items are those items which are totally dependent on a particular individual’s choice. These items include shampoos, soaps, body wash, detergent, floor cleaners, mops, brooms, etc. If you want to expand your hyperlocal business to greater heights, personal care items are definitely add on items in your list.

If you have a local supplier who makes chemical-free products, organic in nature, you can also bring them on board. For developing an on-demand delivery app development platform, you can first ask your target audience about their choices and brand requirements.

Electronics Business

Online Electronic Shopping App

You can connect with the local electric suppliers to develop your hyperlocal electronics delivery business. Customers are in frequent need of electronic items like USB cables, phone charges, pen drives, laptop cables, printers, scanners, etc.

You can target particular products according to your area. Tools like mobile phones, laptops, charging cables, adaptors, USB drives, printer ink etc. can be delivered easily with hyperlocal delivery services. If the shop is nearby then it is easy for the people to trust.

Household Items and kitchenware

Home & Kitchen Online Shopping App

It is almost impossible for any house to function properly without kitchenware items. Usually, every neighborhood has a household item shop selling all the required items.

Today, People are more conscious about their health and are looking for products that help facilitate a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you can start with the business that sells household items and kitchenware that is sustainable and also promotes good health. For instance, you can start selling copperware.

Also, if you are in a locality that has many new people moving in, this business can be extremely beneficial as people like to shop for household items online due to safety & lack of time.

Household items can also include furniture. Customers are usually interested in buying furniture from nearby shops as it decreases the chances of damage during transportation. With hyperlocal delivery, you can deliver furniture items easily to nearby customers.

Pet supplies

Pet Supplies, Accessories and Products Online App

Just like human needs, a customer’s pet will have their emergency needs. In such scenarios, people would not like to rush to the stores and buy their pet’s food or medicine. Instead, they will opt to buy it online from their reliable and trustworthy store nearby.

Compared to the previous decade, the number of households acquiring pets have increased a lot. Many households have pets like dogs, cats and fish etc. and providing them with the proper supply is a profitable business. There are not many pet supply shops in the market, so if you are thinking of getting this business on the hyperlocal marketplace platform then it will be a hit.

There are many online stores which provide these kinds of services but delivering them at a proper time is always an issue, hence people prefer to buy stuff from the nearby neighborhood.

Fitness equipment

Buy Fitness Equipments Online App

As we all know that people are more and more concerned about their fitness. People performing yoga and fitness activities has become a common practice nowadays. People are preferring to workout in their house instead of going to the gym to ignore all kinds of negative outcomes.

Just like work from home is the new normal, fitness at home is going to be common. People have already started purchasing dumbbells, treadmills, etc., for their home workouts. You can develop a hyperlocal fitness equipment delivery solution that will provide customers with yoga mats, stretching ropes, foldable treadmills from the nearest equipment store.

Hyperlocal Stationary Business

Online Stationary Store

Stationary is again a basic necessity. In my opinion, this is the best hyperlocal delivery mobile app ideas for startups. You can provide office stationery, school books, comic books, corporate stationery, craft items, or anything that is accessible through the local stationery vendor.

Stationery is usually required urgently. With a hyperlocal shop, you can deliver these products to customers faster than Amazon and this delivery service can help you provide an edge for your business. You can sell register, notepads, pens, staplers, paints, brushes, etc.

To keep the price down you can directly buy the items at wholesale rate from the company.

Baked goods

App Bakery | App Catering & Bakery

Everyone enjoys bakery items like biscuits, cakes, and assorted cookies. People always prefer to buy bakery products from the nearby neighborhood as they want the product to be fresh and healthy.

Selling customized baked goods can be a beneficial business approach if you want to start a business that is quick, creative, and challenging at the same time. You just need a few types of equipment to get started.

Having custom-made cakes is the trend these days, if you wish to start this business, it is important that you opt for a service that helps you deliver these with absolutely no hassles.

Cooked food

Homemade Food Delivery App

Every home has at least one outstanding cook, but it is very difficult to serve multiple cuisines to multiple people in the house. This is where hyperlocal delivery service has a solution.

If you want to sell fresh and delicious food then you must collaborate with the local delivery service. You can easily sell fresh food through many ways like, online order, tiffin services etc.

Real estate agents

Best real estate app

This business sector has always been among the top places in the market. This business has never seen a downfall in a long period of time. It is just as essential as grocery or medicine. People always need a place to live. Every category of class needs a house even if he/she is a traveler they need a place for accommodation, people who do not belong to a particular area need a place to rent and people who want to buy their own place they also fall in the same category.

People are always looking to invest their money in property, this business has flexible work hours, and the money earned by the brokers is also attractable.

Travel agents

Make a Travel Agency App for iPhone & Android

Peoples craving for travelling and exploring new places have witnessed an unimaginable growth in the past few years. With airfare and other travel expenses being affordable, travelling has become a common practice in the world.

This Market has a lot of opportunities and growth in the coming years. The way people travel or make travel plans have changed. People now browse, explore and compare different travel packages without the influence of a travel expert. There is a rise in the number of online travel websites along with the number of travelers.

Travel agencies provide services like booking flights, hotel booking, car rental and other services. If you are good with customers and are able to give them a good deal then there is no looking back. Slowly and steadily, you can increase your audience and reach new heights of success.

Personal Trainers and Detrition

best workout app

People nowadays focus more on their health and the way their body is shaped. People prefer to workout at their home instead of going to the gym in the current situation.

If you are knowledgeable and know about fitness, then this business has the potential to grow a lot. With people consuming more and more junk food, demand for this business is going to increase day by day. Making people fit and fine there is a great job.

With more and more fitness related website portals in the market, you have a great opportunity to make your own mark in this business.

Food trucks

Food Truck Finder App

Food industry is a kind business which has the least possibility to face recession among all kinds of businesses. Number of foodie’s are increasing day by day who have the craving to taste every cuisine possible.

Earlier people were hesitant about eating from trucks but now there are festivals celebrated serving food in the trucks. The advantages of food trucks as compared to brick-and-mortar stores are the less investment cost, Time to start the business and the portable kitchen from where you can serve food in weddings and events.

This industry is fast growing and if you want to be a part of it, then this is the best time to invest.

Delivery services

Cargo and Shipping App

Like we mentioned before, having your hyperlocal delivery and place is the most important step. Like you’re currently aware, many sellers arrange for local delivery boys who become the responsibility of the seller. But, this approach is not always viable.

Delivery services are always in demand. It can either be a food delivery, flower delivery or any other delivery service. People’s mindset has changed over the years, to get products delivered to them instead of buying in the traditional way.

It has a lot of advantages for both consumers as well as the service provider. Consumers can get the product in time and can order things according to their convenience. The service providers get a lot of business and get paid a healthy amount for their service. This industry is slowly growing as digitalization is taking over.

Final Thoughts

Hyperlocal businesses right now I like the need of the hour. If you feel the charm of these businesses will die out in the near future, you might be wrong. Hyperlocal businesses have always been among us, but with the influx of increased demands, they have become a vital requirement. So, it is a good idea to get started today. With the ideas we have suggested, we can assure you that you will not face much difficulty.