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Programming languages form the inspiration of the knowledge Technology and Data Science industries. Software Developers and Data Scientists use different programming languages to build innovative applications for multiple industries, including healthcare, education, IoT, banking & finance, logistics, etc.

Since software applications make almost every aspect of our lives more convenient, coding skills are among the foremost valuable and top-paying skills in IT, Web Design, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, and AI & ML

But wait… as there are hundreds of Programming Languages available across the world; don’t you think picking out the relevant one after considering all these aspects is quite a daunting task?

No worries, we’ve somehow made it easier for you as supported several standard reports and analysis, we’ve compiled an inventory of top 10 Programming Languages that are getting to rule out 2022 – let’s take a glance at these programming languages:

1) Python

It is an extensively high-level programming language for the general purpose of any projects/websites, Due to a very large standard library with implementation feature python is getting viral in many developers.

As of now, Python 3.7.0b1 is currently under beta version with a lot of enhancements. It is covered almost all the applications of the world like internet/network, business, database, software, education, scientific/numeric and much more. Due to runtime errors and weakness in mobile computing, it is not much used in the mobile applications & also not in use for legacy complex data of the enterprises.

Let’s See Python Language Popularity over time,

2) Java

As per the surveying compare to last year java rolls out at low in position. It is open-source concurrent, class-based, multithreaded and specially design for better implementation through the object. It is mostly seen in automatic memory management applications. The android based system makes extensive use of java related technology.

Java has a huge class library for better empowerment. From Java SE 9 & OR JDK 9 (Standard Edition)(Java Development kit) there will be auto-updater release will be launch in which no need to have any user privilege to update java. It is comparatively slow in performance and looks wise feel is completely depending on the tool.

Let’s See Java Language Popularity over time,

3) C Language

It is very basic and easy to understand the programming language, as it contains all the logic of the binary operation & as per the survey if we know the c language then we can easily learn any other languages.

Due to its simplicity, it is mostly used in either hardware as an embedded firmware or else in software development. It is also the collection of functions in which we can change as per our requirement while making the structural program, and due to structural blocks in the program user can easily think about problems in the program easily. It is not OOP(Object Oriented Programming) language due to that C++ is defined with OOP concepts.

Let’s See C Language Popularity over time,

4) PHP

The full form of PHP is Hypertext preprocessor(earlier called as personal homepage). It is HTML-embedded, server-side scripting programming is mostly used in designing or development of the websites, with the help of latest HTML5 (Hyper Text Markup Language)& CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheet) the user control access and looks wise websites completely increasing day by day.

There are so many frameworks available in the PHP language like Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend Framework 2 & so many others. It is run on any platform, the speed of the PHP programming language is much faster than others. It is not extremely modular for a larger application.

Let’s See PHP Language Popularity over time,

5) Swift

It is more in advanced then Objective C hence this programming language is more useful to develop macOS apps and native IOS apps. It is highly influenced by other programming languages like python and ruby. It is more user- friendly than other programming languages and it has the highest potential to reshape the future.

Swift 4.1 is the latest version and it is supported by the XCode 9.2. It is compiled and optimized in most modern hardware. It also has the auto memory allocate and runtime error correction feature. It combines powerful type inference & pattern matching facility with modern lightweight syntax and modern ideas to implement easily.

Let’s See Swift Language Popularity over time,

6) Ruby

It is more powerful and more object-oriented then Perl and Python. To better in Ruby language You must have the prior knowledge of Ruby On Rails which is the main framework of Ruby. With incensement of Ruby, it has some competitor in the market like a prediction that Node JS will replace Ruby but the update of the Ruby Framework 5 has changed that prediction and put it here as the list and it will update day to day to connect with the technology.

The quality of the code, scalability, security and time efficiency is greater than others. The popular project written in Ruby on Rails frameworks are GitHub, Airbnb, Twitch, Shopify and much more. It is a short time begun to success(2004-2018)

Let’s See Ruby Language Popularity over time,

7) JavaScript

JavaScript is a high-level, multi-paradigm, web scripting language. It supports object-oriented, imperative, and declarative programming styles. It Includes application programming interfaces (APIs) for text, dates, formal expressions, and standard data structures. It is one among the three bottom line technologies (alongside HTML and CSS) powering the planet Wide Web.

Although JavaScript shares resemblance with Java regarding their naming convention, syntax, and standard libraries, they’re innately different. It syncs well with Java and is extremely easy to implement because of its HTML alliance. JavaScript has certain libraries for developing ML models such as TensorFlow.js, Brain.js, machinelearn.js, ConvNetJS, Mind, Synaptic, and Neuro.js.

Let’s See JavaScript Language Popularity over time,

8) Kotlin

Kotlin is a statically-typed, general-purpose programming language. Its design is fully interoperable with Java. Since Kotlin’s fundamental target is the JVM, it also assembles to JavaScript or native code. The smooth interoperation between Kotlin and Java makes Android application development much faster and more adequate. This is why Kotlin features a bright future in Android development.

Kotlin features a relatively easy-to-learn structure, and aside from Android development, it is often used for web development, desktop app development, and server-side development. Kotlin is concise, safe, and tool-friendly (you can bundle it with any Java IDE or maybe build via the command line).

Let’s See Kotlin Language Popularity over time,

9) Go

One of the crux languages facilitated by Google. As a low-level language, Go is right for engineers who want to enter the sector of systems programming. It encircles much of the equivalent functionality of C and C++ without the challenging syntax and steep learning curve. It’s the appropriate language for building web servers, data pipelines, and even machine-learning packages.

It’s an open-source language, and impressive developers can see their personal contributions adopted and enjoyed by programmers worldwide.

Let’s See Go Language Popularity over time,

10) Scala

Scala may be a type-safe, general-purpose JVM language that mixes the simplest of both worlds – OOP and functional programming languages – into an integrated application-oriented language . It features a strong static type design that helps minimise and eliminate bugs in large and sophisticated applications. Scala’s JVM and JavaScript runtimes facilitate the event of scalable and high-performance systems.

Scala allows developers to simply access JVM features and Java libraries to create applications for various use cases, starting from web applications to complex ML models. It is adopted by companies like LinkedIn, AT&T, eBay, and Bloomberg.

Let’s See Scala Language Popularity over time,

Now that you know which are the Top programming languages in the job market, you can enhance your skills to include at least one (better if multiple!) of these high paying programming languages.

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