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What is Biometric Authentication?

Biometric authentication is very popular & Secure authentication nowadays and it is the process of comparing data for the person’s characteristics to that person’s biometric “template” in order to determine resemblance. Biometric authentication is simply the process of verifying your identity using your measurements or other unique characteristics of your body, then logging you in a service, an app, a device and so on.

Best Example of Biometric Authentication : Aadhar Card Process

The main advantage of Biometric Authentication is to capture an item of biometric data from any person. It can be a photo of their face, a record of their voice, or an image of their fingerprint. This data is then compared to the biometric data of several other persons kept in a database.

Planets Liquor Shop With Biometrics Authentication example of Biometrics Authentication which we have successfully developed.

How is fingerprint biometrics utilized in different sectors?

fingerprint biometrics utilized in different sectors

Government sector: Fingerprint recognition is an ideal biometric technology for both large and small scale government projects. Fingerprint biometrics offers a flexible, scalable and accurate digital identification solution for various government applications such as border control, national identification cards, voter registration and ePassports.

Banking sector: Banks gain a substantial benefit by implementing fingerprint biometrics. Banks and other financial institutions need to protect customer financial data and provide safe and easy transaction for customers. Customers can easily access services at bank branches with a fingerprint swipe and it also links each transaction to the customer. Only authorized employees can gain access to sensitive information using their fingerprint and it also creates a concrete audit trail of each transaction.

Workforce management sector: Organizations can eliminate employee time theft and reduce payroll inflation by incorporating fingerprint biometrics in their time and attendance systems. Automated recording of employee’s check-in and check-out times is possible with a fingerprint attendance system. The employee needs to be actually present to clock-in at work and thus a fingerprint system eliminates the possibility of buddy punching. Fingerprint time and attendance systems increase employee productivity and encourage accountability by creating a concrete audit trail of employee transactions.

    Advantages of biometric systems:

  • Improved security

  • Improved customer experience

  • Cannot be forgotten or lost

  • Reduced operational costs