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Most of us in the hurry of landing the Project forget to proper research and planning of the project which unfortunately leads to the cancellation or may be it creates problem to the developer as well as client as the project progress further. Taking this situation into consider I have mentioned the below steps which if followed, we can minimized the project complexity upto 99.99%

1) Strategy and Planning

The first and the important most point for any project is defining strategy and planning. Once the project requirements are shared from the Client’s end it’s our duty to analyzed it further in details and prepare a sheet with the queries and questions. The sheet may further shared with the client to fill their feedback and understanding related to the project scope.

Be open to ask any doubts and mentioned each point clearly in the Project SRS related to the designing, development, testing and support. This will give a clear idea to the client for his valuable money that he is spending.

2) Definition and Design

Once the Project scope is defined the 2nd task is to define the technology and overview of the project in which it is to be developed. Create an outer view of the project mentioning the milestones, the project start date – end date, no of developers working, peoples involve during the development stage of the project, respective modes of contact etc.

No where keep the client in dark regarding the progress of the project. Shared each and every updates from the developer, which will give client a proper track of the project progress.

3) Development

The core stage of the Project is development. Here is the task which developer and the other team members involve with this project have to perform. Send daily updates of the project to the client and prepare a time scale of performing the tasks to achieve the deadlines set at the time of providing proposal to the client. Keep few buffering hours which will help you to find the alternative solution against the developer’s emergency leave or illness. Do inform to the client for the same, as such unwanted condition arises anytime without notifying.

4) Testing and Measurements

This is an equally important step that is to be considering in mind. The best time to get started testing of the project is module by modules as it goes on completing rather that getting the whole project test at the end, which will save much of time. Here the test of real testor begins, this phase needs to check the bugs and errors that occurred during the development stage and should be removed. A complete testing of each minor functionality and event should be done in order to get the application perform well at the time of deploying.

5) Deployment

If the above 4 steps are executed well this step is just  formality to handle and should go live with the application after transferring the whole content to the client server. Once done the application is live. If there are any problems faced during deployment, there is fixed that there are some issues lacking on the above steps which tends to this error. Try to avoid this situation and be perfect to the above mentioned phases which will also make client happy and trust will be maintain.