Staff Location Tracking Mobile App development

About the app

With the help of Staff Location Tracking Mobile App development, you know exactly where is your sales employee are and you can assign work to your sales employees. Amar Infotech offers staff location tracking app as Software as Service(Saas).

We offer on Field staff GPS location tracking, attendance system with accurate PunchIn and Punchout Timing, Staff visit route map, sales order from retailers which is connected to the web app.

employee location live tracking

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Our Solution:

We’ve developed the Employee Location Tacking mobile application to be a useful product: valuable features and various possibilities packed within a simple and straightforward user flow.

We also focused on the seamless integration of the mobile app with backend services– the main attraction of the Staff Location Tacking Admin Panel, which allows you to track recent employee punch List, All Staff Day total timing and Live Map View with Dashboard. You can manage a staff member details as well as customer details with Admin Panel. For more details request a demo now. Click Here..

Unique Features:

  • Accurate Punch In and Punch Out
  • Live Employee Location
  • Employee Group Notification
  • Employee Visit List
  • Employee Daily Route Map
  • Order History Listing
  • Daily Expenses Screen
  • Daily Visit Form Details
  • Direct Payment Integration
  • Shop Owner e-Signature
  • Next Follow-up Meetings Details
  • Customer Ledger

Location Tracking app development cost

The cost of Location Tracking app development will depend on the Features of Mobile Application. For Example, to develop an Uber like mobile application it requires about 700 hours on Android and 650 hours on iOS apps development. A website and web services will require 420 hours now you can multiply this timeline with an hourly rate of your developers to get exact Uber app. You also need to consider the timeline for creating detailed project requirements and mockups design. This estimation timeline is the result of a thorough research conducted by the skilled developers of Amar Infotech.

Who we are?

Amar Infotech has built up an excellent reputation over the years by providing an exceptional level of mobile app development services as well as practical solutions and help for businesses, both large and small. We provide cutting-edge advance GPS Tracking service technologies behind the scenes.

We also offer Bluetooth Tracking Services is useful for Employee, Work-force Management, Child Live Location Tracking, Spouse(Partner) Tracking, Personal Tracker, Senior Citizen Tracking, using GPS Technology. Check out the best Bluetooth Tracking Mobile App Qtrace for more information.

Software as Services at Affordable Prices

Our Software as Services Staff Location Tracking Mobile app offers high-performance and scalable solutions. we guarantee you an unmatched efficiency, as offered by the industry-leading SaaS providers for employee Tracking Services. If you are looking for software as service solutions at affordable prices India, Amar Infotech Staff Location Tracking Mobile App is way better than other employee tracking SaaS Service providers. What are you waiting for? Get Start Today! Contact us at

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