Ghana Civil Aviation Authority & Amar Infotech: Builds Customer Billing And Permit Administration Web Portal System


The management of Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) desires to engage a consultant to assist its ICT Section to develop a secured Web Based Application in accordance with internationally recognized standards;

To process Invoices and make it available to its customers in their respective portals

And to provide meaningful reports on Invoices to enhance secured delivery of Invoices and receipt of Payments in the Authority.


  • Role based access control for GCAA users

  • User friendly UI/UX design and navigation

  • Easy configurations for overall application

  • Large scale operational & transactional data management

  • Invoice Batch Processing for large scale flight movements data

  • Audit log trail for all accounting and invoice transactions

  • E-wallet for customers for permit administration system

  • SAT and FAT process accomplishment

Value Delivered

User & Authorisation

Role based access control implemented where administrator can manage role and respective permissions for various application modules. At the time of user creation need to assign role to restrict that user for limited access within application.

Billing & Invoicing

The data required for the computation and generation of invoices captured either by using Forms or by mass importation using spreadsheets like MS Excel. All data go through validation to ensure there are no errors. Once data is captured, the system compute totals or summaries for the invoices based on the formula provided in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). The system generates Periodic invoices e.g. Monthly. Once an Invoice has been generated and approved, an Email alert sent to the customer. The generated invoices would be read-only and printable. No further update should be allowed. Application supports billing & invoicing of Flight Movements (FM – Landing & Enroutes) , Airport Passenger Service Charges (APSC), Cargo Safety Charges (CSC), Passenger Safety Charges (PSC) & Safety Scheme of Charges (SSoC).

Permit Administration System (PAS)

PAS customers must enter all the required data needed for a permit request. After submission,a permit clearance details page will be shown to the customer to cross-check the information entered. An email alert will be sent to the customer with a Reference number to be used for Payment. There is a link for Invoice on the clearance details page. Once a customer makes payment for a clearance request, that request cannot be deleted or updated and the clearance request information given by the customer is locked. AIS will only see paid requests and action on it.

Operational Data Management

Application have large scale of operational data management with manual & import/export functionality. Its includes Operators, Aircrafts, Regions, Location Indicators, Routes and Waypoints, Programs & Inspectors for SSoC.

Configurations Management

Application configurations includes preferences management where administrator can manage general and some advanced preferences. Application supports multi-currencies with exchange rate management. Calculations data as per defined in Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) need to configured correctly. Schedule tasks and backups need some necessary configurations.

Reports & Dashboards

All Reports have Search functionality and be periodic (searches done within specified date intervals). Report Data can be downloadable and or printable. They would also be available in both PDF and Excel formats. Activity logs and graphical representation of overall statistics and performance available for administrator on dashboards.

Customer Portal for Operators & Agent Access

The generated invoices linked to the Portal such that when customers log into the system, they can have access to their respective invoices. Customers able to access their statement of account from the portal for each month. PAS customers can make permit request and bulk or pre-payments for permits.

Product UI


Results & Benefits

  • Save administration overhead by streamlining invoicing processes; reduce manual calculations and media gaps throughout system landscape.

  • Invoice quicker, more frequently and more accurately; realize revenues earlier and reduce clearing efforts.

  • Send invoices not just as paper but also electronically; airline customers will appreciate this service.

  • Save IT costs by replacing costly customer-tailored systems with standard software.

  • Make billing data available for business intelligence for more insights in authority potentials.

Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

Accra, Ghana