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The Aviation billing is complex, dynamic and competitive. Decisions need to be taken every day across the organization but, quite often, information is not available or consistent throughout the different areas.

The Aviation Authority(CAA) or any ANSP Management demands timely, accurate and consistent data. Increasingly, a good Business Intelligence(BI) & MIS(Management Information System) Reporting is considered a key asset which can give a strong competitive advantage.

After all, if people don’t read reports, understand them, and take appropriate actions, all the time and effort spent collecting, saving, and preparing data was for nothing. Amar InfoTech MIS is a Business Intelligence solution, specifically designed for the Aviation Industry. It is perfectly designed, thus delivering Movements, Revenue and Sales information on a daily basis, seamlessly from day one.


  • Full control of KPIs on a timely basis
  • Pre-defined reports & dashboards designed upon best practices
  • Strategic Information available 24 x 7
  • Reduced administration costs to elaborate management information

Amar InfoTech MIS Key Features

  • Best-in-class technology
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Adapted to aviation billing, Amar InfoTech MIS already supports most of key information
    like Movements, Sales, Revenue… providing immediate insight into CAA/ANSP’s performance.
  • Faster, friendlier web interface designed for end users
  • can be mastered by anyone without extensive training
  • Reports may be directly built & used by key decision-makers
  • Pre-fitted with an extensive catalogue of reports, dashboards and KPIs according to aviation billing and industry best practices

Contact Amar InfoTech representative for more details on implementing best practices for aviation billing with BI and MIS Reports.