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It is the most common belief that in today’s world we are all too busy, caught up with our work, family and the over pressurizing daily routine and hence; we cannot pursue a hobby. We cannot in any way make time for doing something we love as we believe we do not have the luxury to do so.

In the hustle and bustle of life, don’t forget to make time for yourself or for something you love so dearly. We have just one life and we must feel fulfilled at the end of it all. So wake up, smell the coffee and make that decision today!

Getting into a new hobby will diversify your skillset and make you more of a well-rounded professional. Take a break from working and rushing home to watch T.V. every day; instead, take on a hobby to develop your personal skills and separate yourself from others in your position.

importance of hobby in a life

7 Benefits of Having a hobby

  • Hobbies encourage taking a break.

  • Hobbies promote eustress.

  • Hobbies offer a new challenge.

  • Hobbies unite you with others.

  • Hobbies provide an outlet for stress.

  • Hobbies promote staying present.

  • Hobbies have physical health benefits.

Here is a good example of having a hobbies and interest in a life, like monika parihar who was the First winner of Miss and Mrs gujarati rajasthani in 2016.


(World’s Biggest Traditional & Cultural Beauty Pageant)

Ambition knows no boundaries, Miss & Mrs World Gujarati Rajasthani is not just a beauty pageant but it’s nurturer, for the talent in you and the beauty of your persona along with Gujarati Tradition and culture.

The Gujarati women of today have ideas, Goals, ambitions so much to offer the world- But how? Miss & Mrs World Gujarati & Rajasthani is the event which gives chance and platform to Gujarati, Rajasthani women to enhance their education , Learning and sharpen their skills for the world outside.

This event is specially designed with a view and keeping Gujarati and Rajasthani home makers and the girls in mind. It happens in 10 cities of India & also more than 5 countries all over the world.

This year in 2016, Ahmedabad audition was taken on 23rd May, 2016. And they selected 50 finalists from that audition. Monika Parihar, An employee of Amar Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. was one of them. She is working as an iOS Developer in our company. And the finale held on 31st July, 2016 at Montecristo banquet in Ahmedabad. Monika won the “Miss Gujarati Rajasthani 1st Runner-up” title over there. so she is a best example of having a good interest and hobby for all girls.

We believe that anyone should always try for their passion also. Does’nt matter if your profession is different. Your hobby is something which can make a person happier. It is always beautiful thing if your career and your profession come together. Amar technolabs congratulates Monika Parihar  for this victory. We wish her good for the future. Anyone should always try to make their dream come true.

Words By Monika Parihar

These are the few words by Monika Parihar after winning this title with this profession interest in a  life, “Thank you so much for supporting me throughout this beautiful journey of my life. Yes family’s and friend’s support is important but in my case company support was also important. Amar Technolabs has always supported me to go ahead with my passion. Thank you for everything.! 🙂 ”